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Phrasal Verb Lesson 253 1

In this English Phrasal Verb Podcast lesson, you will be learning 6 new phrasal verbs: come up, come out, get up (to), walk around, go on, and look up!

We will be using an audio clip from one of our Real Conversations Lessons about owning a delivery service. In particular, this audio clip describes what happened during a delivery order that Amy was dropping off to a client in a rural area late at night.

The phrasal verbs and the meanings are here for your reference:

  • Come up – driving, walk or move toward something
  • Come out – leaving a place to go to another the place outside of where you were previously
  • Get up (to) – to arrive (to a place)
  • Walk around – go around an object
  • Go on – happen / something that is happening
  • Look up – to move your head and eyes to look in an upward direction


Stories Make Learning Phrasal Verbs Easier!

The audio sample that we used to create this audio lesson is from the conversation lesson about owning a delivery service. It is full of common phrasal verbs that are being used naturally in context.

Learning phrasal verbs with stories are easier to learn and remember. When you understand what is happening in a particular situation, your brain will automatically connect the meaning, the new vocabulary (or a phrasal verb in this case).

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