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Audio Transcription:

Hey, everybody, this is Amy from Realenglishconversations.com. And today I’m just releasing this quick audio message for you because you are a podcast subscriber. You’re somebody who has taken the time to sign up and follow our podcast so that you can get every single episode. But a lot of you are not email subscribers at our website. Many of you are just listeners of the podcast. And I know that you enjoy listening to these podcasts, but the only way that I can communicate with you is through this podcast.

OK, so what could possibly be so exciting that I’m willing to record a podcast episode just to tell you about it? And here’s what it is. I’ve been working on something for the past three months and I wanted to make sure that the people that have been following us subscribe to us on YouTube, through the email, through our podcast, that you guys had early access to try it, because we know that our supporters are the ones that really help us to do what we’re doing.

So I want to give you the opportunity to be the first ones to try this brand new awesome thing that we’ve just created. And don’t worry, it’s completely free. So you just need to follow a few specific steps. Number 1.  This offer is only going to be available for three days. And what you need to do is to go to our website at https://realenglishconversations.com/earlyaccess/ , all one word, early access. And there you’re going to have the opportunity to register for our waiting list.

And this is because what I’m building right now is so new, I still have a few final touches that need to be done before it’s ready for you to try it. If you take the time to register, I’m going to have your email address and be able to send you an official notification with the specific instructions of what you need to do to register your free account and to get access to try some of the lessons from each of our courses. Additionally, when you create this free account, you’re always going to have access to the latest podcast episode and the full transcription.

If that’s not incentive enough for you to get your butt over to our website, I don’t know what it is. You’re already a loyal listener. You enjoy our podcast. You’re going to get free access to the most recent episode of our podcast every time we release one. OK, so let me try to explain what these courses are and why they’re so awesome. First of all, what are the levels we have? The Brave Beginner, the Inspired Intermediate and the Confident Communicator.

Obviously becoming a Confident Communicator in English is your final goal, and it’s our goal to help you to get there. We’ve created the courses and the levels that are going to take you step by step from one level to the next to reach that goal. And as you guys already know, absolutely everything that we do focuses on helping you to develop your communication skills for real world communication. We want you to feel confident and comfortable speaking in English in any situation.

So it’s not just the online courses that we’re giving you. We’re also creating tons and tons of opportunities for you guys to practice speaking. Let me explain one of the newest features that we’re actually adding to the member area. And this is the REC Member Cafe. And what we’re doing is setting up a virtual online meeting through Zoom for our members to be able to get together at a specific time to have informal conversations. And if you’ve ever been to the United States or Canada or somewhere in Europe, you’ve probably heard of a meetup before.

These are really, really common. Most of the time, different English learners meet up at a specific coffee shop on a certain day of the week, and this is exactly what they do. So we have created a way for you to be able to do this without needing to go out to a coffee shop, which, let’s face it, right now, nobody wants to go to a coffee shop. And it is more convenient for us to be able to do this from our home, from our cell phone or wherever we are.

So this is a really, really cool feature. And we’ve always had the Speaking Practice Sessions. As part of our membership, and that’s going to continue as well, those are meetings that are led by one of the teachers and we talk about a certain topic further to that. There’s more we actually have specific groups that are for each of the new courses. And this is where you’re going to be able to upload this Speaking Practice Sessions answers that you’re doing with the various activities that we have.

And not only are you going to be uploading your answer and other people are going to be replying to it, but you’re going to be replying to other people, which really helps to build this community so that you realize that even though you’re learning online, you’re never learning alone through all of these different things that we’re doing. We’re actually creating an online English immersion experience for you without you having to travel anywhere and take some course that’s in a classroom somewhere in Canada or the United States, for example, you’re getting access to phenomenal content that has a serious strategy to help you improve your fluency.

And all of the content is in English. All of the conversations and interaction you will be doing is in English, tons of English listening material. And that’s why it really is an English immersion program. So if you want to get early access to this awesomeness, all you need to do is go to Real English Conversations dot com, slash early access. And remember, you’re going to be the first ones that get access to try these brand new courses that we have available.

But you’re also registering to make sure that you continue to get access to the podcast transcriptions for as long as we publish them in the future. And beyond that, you’re going to have the opportunity to join an exclusive offer that is only going to be available for the people that take the time to register early. So, anyway, this message, this podcast, these links are going to disappear within the next couple of days and as soon as I’m ready to launch these courses.

So your time to preregister is now and you should really do that to make sure that you can take advantage of this. So I’m really looking forward to working with you, specifically helping you to overcome all of those issues with speaking and listening and not feeling confident with your English. I absolutely know that what we’ve created is the solution to those problems. So I look forward to seeing you in the live lessons, hearing your voice in the groups when you’re uploading your messages and having that one to one contact with you.

So we’ll see you on the website.

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