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Real English Podcast: Dellivery Service

Before Amy and Curtis were English teachers, they used to have a delivery service in Canada. In this English podcast, you will hear them have a real conversation discussing some of their most memorable delivery clients. Also, you’ll hear an everyday dialogue you might hear if you decide to place an order for delivery.

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English Podcast Transcription:


Amy: Hey, everybody. My name is Amy.

Curtis: And I’m Curtis.

Amy: And we’re here from

Curtis: And as you know with this podcast, we have real, natural, unscripted conversations between the both of us, to show you the right way, the real way that native speakers actually speak.

Amy: Exactly. So that you guys can understand real people in the real world. This is just a quick reminder that all of our podcast have a full transcription or text available so that you can read and listen at the same time and really take your learning beyond just listening to podcast. If you haven’t had the chance to come to the website yet, I strongly recommend that you guys come and join us. As a free member, you’re going to realize how much more benefit you can get from our podcast lessons when you have the transcriptions, the lesson activities, and all of the other things that we have available on the website. But anyway, let’s get started with today’s conversation.

Curtis: Hi everybody, today we’re going to be talking about what we used to do before we were English teachers, and we used to have a business and run a business that was a delivery business. What is a delivery business all about, Amy?

Amy: Well, a delivery business or a delivery service is actually a service that we provided to people to bring things to their home that they needed. So, for example, if somebody needed something from the grocery store, maybe they needed a few ingredients like some milk and butter and a loaf of bread, they could call us and we would bring those things to their house. And some of the other things that we received orders for were food from restaurants that didn’t deliver and also for drinks, specifically alcoholic ones, beer and wine, for example.

Curtis: There are so many different people that use a delivery service. So there are people who are old and people who don’t get around as easy as the rest of us, but primarily I think it was for lazy people.

Amy: Yeah, exactly. The people that we delivered to, a lot of times they actually had their own car and they literally just didn’t want to go out and get the things themselves. I mean it make sense if you don’t have a vehicle and the store is a little bit far from your house, it can be really convenient to have someone to bring it to you.

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