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Learn the relationship between motivation and consistency to stay on track and improve your English faster. We will give you real life examples and share our experiences where we have seen how powerful consistency is in the language learning process. 

Motivation & Consistency: Tips for Learning English



So it’s more like when you’re consistent, you are learning faster, which creates motivation, which creates motivation to study again. And in my case, when I’m highly motivated, I’m actually more motivated to do activities that are more challenging compared to periods where maybe I have lower motivation because I’ve been too busy, I haven’t been consistent, and I’m kind of on that downward spiral out of consistency.

So it’s kind of a winning combination. If you’re studying regularly, you’re going to be learning faster and just able to have more room in your brain to be able to learn new things. You’re going to have high level of motivation, which is going to help you naturally want to study without feeling like it’s a chore. And if you’re really motivated, you’re probably going to be doing activities that are more demanding on your concentration, right?

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