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So, we’re going to call that kind of level one activity. Level two is just listening to it like we were last night. We weren’t taking notes, we didn’t stop the audio, we were just listening to it. The benefit we’re going to get is very, very little, if any, and I’m not really sure I’d consider it a good use of time and it’s certainly not studying. But level one activity is going to give you some benefit.

Another idea that you could do, if you’re somebody who’s driving and maybe you have control on your steering wheel or something, something that isn’t going to distract you, obviously – I’m not promoting distracted driving – but if you have a button on your steering wheel and you can rewind the audio by holding it or pause the audio or something, this is good. What you can do is you can actually pause the audio and try to repeat the last part that the person said as much as you can and then continue playing it. This is going to help you to improve your listening skills and to practice speaking at the same time.

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