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advanced english conversation about space exploration

In this advanced English conversation, a special guest, Moreno Scatozza, joins us to talk about space exploration and some really interesting facts about outer space!


Advanced English Conversation about Space Exploration:



Amy: Let’s get started with the interview. How are you doing today, Moreno?
Moreno: Good. How are you?
Amy: I’m doing great. Thanks. Let’s get started with a little bit of an introduction about you, if you could.
Moreno: Absolutely. So, hi, everyone. My name is Moreno Scatozza. I am a big fan of astronomy. I have a podcast which I speak about the facts of space and planets, stars, anything really to do with astronomy. And I have episodes on this podcast and I’d like to simplify things for the general public, let’s say. Because let’s face it: space, astronomy can be very confusing and also there’s just so much to talk about. So, in my podcast I’d like to kind of simplify things and also put things into category so you could really see things a little more clear.
Amy: Yes. So it’s basically trying to take the scientific version, which is a little bit boring and overwhelming for the typical person and put it into a term that makes it interesting and understandable.
Moreno: That’s what I’m aiming for.
Amy: Nice. That’s cool. Well, I’m sure that some of our listeners that are interested in space exploration and just things that are going on in our universe and planet are going to be interested to check out some of your episodes. How did you get started into this? Where did it come from, this inspiration?
Moreno: Well, I’ve always just loved space since I was a kid. I also wanted to learn more. Once you learned something that you’re interested in, you wanted to just keep learning like a snowball effect. You want to progress and want to know why, and after you know why, you want to know why why. And when it comes to space, it’s infinity so there’s always the unknown and it’s always a mystery. So it’s almost like solving things and understanding things. Once you understand things about space, you also understand about things in your normal day-to-day lives, and I find that connection really important and I think a lot of people should know about.
Amy: Okay. Now I want to know exactly what you’re referring to. So, how have you found that connection between what you’ve learned about space to how it relates to your real life?

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