About Real English Conversations

Real English Conversations was started in 2014 by Amy Whitney and Curtis Davies when they realized that English learners needed a better method to prepare them for real communication with native speakers. Their courses and lessons focus on helping students to practice and improve their listening and speaking skills in American English to give them the confidence they need to feel comfortable using English in their everyday life to get better jobs, meet new friends and feel like they belong in their new country.


Once students start interacting in the ‘real world’ with native speakers, they quickly realize their ‘English training’ has not prepared them to confidently speak and understand native English speakers. Even those who have passed English tests successfully at an advanced level.

For that reason, Real English Conversations put together an online program that focuses on helping students connect the English that they already know with the real world.

Our courses are based on studying and doing activities that use real conversations recorded by Amy and Curtis to show you how to rapidly improve your listening skills and practice speaking with interesting activities to get your brain thinking in English.

Our activities help you practice explaining your thoughts and opinions in English the way you want to speak, instead of feeling limited to a few words and being frustrated by your errors. You will develop the skills that are required for automatically responding to questions that you are asked and be able to explain things in more detail.

Friendships and connections with native speakers happen when you are able to speak in an interesting way that really shows your personality. Being able to tell interesting stories and make relevant comments at just the right time.

Our speaking and listening courses will help you to develop the skills you need to confidently live your life in English and to finally remove the language barrier that is stopping you from having the friendships and opportunities that you want and deserve in your life living abroad.

Our Story

Amy and Curtis have been together for 14 years and they have also moved abroad to a country that does not speak their native language.

Last year, they sold their house and followed their dreams to live in another country and start a new life. They know exactly what their students are experiencing while they adjust to a new culture, try to make new friends and struggle using a language that they don’t speak as fluently as their native language.

Amy explains about her experience learning a language as an adult:

I taught myself Spanish as an adult and I have experienced every learning problem and emotion that a person can experience while learning a new language. Embarrassment, low-confidence, shame, isolation… Poor listening comprehension and poor speaking fluency.

Textbooks and traditional ‘language classes’ kept me at a beginner level for over 14 years and caused a lot of the problems I had communicating with confidence. What I was studying and how I was practicing were the problem.

The day I decided to move to Mexico, I knew I had to overcome my ‘learning problems’ and advance my skills fast.

I started using real conversations as the base of my studies. It helped me to understand native speakers, learn the most common words and be able to speak using the similar vocabulary.

My life in Canada was busy, I didn’t always have time to practice with other people. To continue improving as fast as possible, I developed speaking and listening techniques that allowed me to practice alone.

Now, Amy has created a course that uses all the techniques that worked the best to improve her speaking and listening skills. The courses connect the most effective techniques with suggested activities that are interesting and make your brain think in the way you will need for real communication.