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An American English Conversation about The ‘New Normal’ Life. As things start to open slowly after a long quarantine period, Amy and Curtis share some of their ideas and concerns about the simple things they used to enjoy without a second thought… Eating at a restaurant, traveling by airplane, or even watching a sunset. They also discuss the new strategies and the new way that they plan to do these activities in the future.


American English Conversation about The ‘New Normal’ Life


Audio Transcription:

Amy:  Hi, everybody. My name is Amy Whitney and I’m here with Curtis Davies from Real English Conversations. Today we’re going to be having an interesting conversation talking about what the “new normal” is, or what we think is probably going to be happening over the next year as we get out of our houses and start to move around a little bit despite the fact that the coronavirus is still present in our lives.

I think one of the first places that we can start to talk about is something that we completely took for granted before is a safe, normal everyday activity and that was eating out at restaurants.  So, Curtis, can you tell us a little bit about how we used to think about restaurants?

Curtis:  Well, we used to really like going outside. We work from home and it was a chance two days or three days a week to go to some of our favorite restaurants. The restaurants here are really, really, good. So, we would just go out, enjoy the evening and it would feel very, very good because we were out of the house.

Amy:  Exactly. We work at home all day so for us going out to have something to eat is a little bit of an escape from the workplace. Otherwise, as you can imagine, working from home all day, hanging around the house all night gets a little bit boring, and it’s nice to have a change of environment. So now we are not going out to restaurants. Do you remember the last time that we went out to a restaurant?

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