Become an REC Teacher!

Real English Conversations is currently seeking experienced and enthusiastic ESL/EFL tutors to work with pre-intermediate to advanced level students. Our motivated adult learners are enrolled in our English Fluency Programs which focus on improving their speaking, fluency and listening skills for confident communication in the real world.

Although we are a small company, we are passionate about helping our students and finally providing a solution to their problems with fluency. We are excited to be accepting additional teachers to work closely with us and our students to deliver noticeable results through our courses and methodology.  

General Information

Real English conversations is currently hiring English teachers to help with our one-to-one lessons for students that are enrolled in our online programs. This position is ideal for teachers that are looking for a flexible position that works with/around other teaching platforms or for someone that is looking for some part-time teaching work.

Our students are adult learners that are generally between 25 and 65 years old who are motivated to improve their English communication skills that come from literally all around the world. Most have a pre-intermediate to low-advanced level of English. The primary focus of our program is to improve speaking and listening skills for confident communication in English using our methodology and your experience.

Position: Independent Contractor – English Teacher/Tutor

Rates: $12-$21/hour

  • Conversation Lessons
    • $12 for 55-min | $7 for 30-min lessons
  • Private Lesson
    • $15 for 55-min | $8 for 30-min lessons with REC Basic Training completed
    • $18 for 55-min | $9.50 for 30-min lessons with REC Advanced Training completed
  • Specialty Lessons ($21/55-min | $11/30-min)
    • Experience that the teacher is bringing to REC that is attractive and beneficial to our students (ie. Business English, IELTS/TOEFL Test Prep, Interview Prep, etc.)
  • Text or Voice Corrections: $3 per correction
    • 90 seconds of audio or 150 words of text
    • 5-6 corrections maximium (approx. 10 mins each)

Start Date: This is an ongoing position to be filled as needed. After the interview process, successful candidates will begin their basic training and will be ready to accept students immediately upon completing the initial training (2-3 hour setup and orientation course for conversation lessons teachers/tutors)

Required Availability:

  • Minimum of 20 hours/week (availability between all teaching positions), with space in your schedule to accept a minimum of 10 hours/week of lessons from us.
  • All hours of the day and all time zones will be considered. We have students from around the world. Currently, our teachers are all located in the North/Central America and it would be helpful to have teachers in different time zones to serve our European/Asian students better; however, this is not a requirement.

Must apply online:

  • Here, on this page (Google form is embedded below)
    • You will receive a confirmation that your application was submitted which means that we received it.
  • Email and in-person applications are not being accepted for this position.
    • Please understand that we received many applicants and it’s impossible to reply to everyone 🙂
    •  To ensure that your application is in good standing for future positions as they become available, please refrain from contacting us or reapplying more than once per month. Applicants that contact us by email or private message will immediately be disqualified.

About the Position

Our tutors work in a diverse and dynamic setting with students from all around the world who speak many different languages. However, all lessons are conducted 100% in English. Our focus is on building confidence and improving communication according to the students interests and goals.

As remote tutors, successful candidates will teach online lessons as independent contractors working from home with flexible hours that they set. This position is ideal for a someone who is already working part-time on another platform but looking to pick up some additional lessons with students or someone looking for part-time work that could develop into a full time schedule. The number of hours or lessons taught per week will depend on the candidates presentation video, availability, likeability (with students), and unique skills or specialties.

Tutors can adjust their hours and availability on a weekly basis but we recommend having a consistent schedule available for regular students to reserve a preferred time in advance. Students will be eager to practice activities from the online courses with their tutor OR they will be asking for help with a specific skill/topic or one of the specialties that the candidate offers (ex. job interview prep, pronunciation, grammar explanations, etc. ).

Skills and Requirements

  • Experienced teachers of ESL (English as a second language) or EFL (English as a foreign Language)
  • One-to-one teaching/tutoring experience is ideal
  • Personal experience with learning a language to a B1-C2 level is an asset
  • At least 15 hours a week of availability for tutoring
  • Access to high-speed capable of transmitting seamless video (30mb/s download | 5mb/s upload with a stable connection)
  • TESOL/TEFL Certificate preferred; however, relevant experience will be considered
  • Ability to speak North American English natively


Training and Pay Scale

Conversation Teacher

The entry level lessons will be offering “conversation lessons” which requires minimal training to get started quickly. ($12 per hr | $7 per 30-min)

REC Teacher with Basic Training

While you are accepting students and teaching as a ‘Conversation Teacher’ , you will be completing the Basic Training so that you can offer Private Lessons as an “REC teacher” (Real English Conversations Teacher) which will allow students from our Fluency Program to schedule “private lessons” which work in tandem with our Online Fluency Courses ($15 per hr | $8.50 per 30-min).

REC Teacher with Advanced Training

Upon completing the Advanced Training, your rate increases ($18 for 55-min | $9.50 for 30-min lessons).

This training will teach our methodology in a practical way and also allow you to reiterate the techniques within our courses that the students are learning.  The goal is to enable our students to become more efficient learners and how to understand how to practice/develop specfic skills beyond our courses that will serve them on their path to fluency.

REC Teacher with Specialty Lessons

As an REC teacher with advanced training, you will be also be able to accept lessons that teach any specialities that you offer and also to provide customized lessons for other skills the students are interested in (ie. IELTS prep, interview prep, Business English). This will further increase the number of bookings you can/will receive and the rate paid for this type of booking ($21 for 55-min | $11 for 30-min lessons).

Text and Voice Corrections

If you have some free time, you may wish to do voice/text corrections for students. Basic training is required to follow the correction format is consistent.

Corrections are submitted by students in text or voice message format for activities from our courses. Corrections can be completed within 10 minutes and are limited to 90 second voice recordings or 150 word text submissions. ($3 per correction).