Conversational English Improvement Course

This Conversational English Course was created to help you improve the skills you need to have a conversation. The techniques that are in this course will help you to progress from an intermediate to an advanced level quicker than other methods you have tried. Focus on doing activities that are actually going to help improve your speaking, listening and everyday English vocabulary.

What is in the course?

Check out the summary of each section and the skills it helps you improve. This course starts easy and becomes more challenging closer to the end. The idea is that you learn the vocabulary you need to talk about a subject through listening and other activities before you need to do activities that require you to speak about the same topics.

Can I only use the techniques you teach in the course with your lessons?

You can use the techniques we show you with anything that you are interested in! We want to share our secrets with you so that you can reach your goals with learning English. The materials in this course are designed for intermediate students; however, the techniques can be used with more difficult material that you may find in movies, interview or any other audio you like.

What if I don’t like the course?

If you don’t like the course or you do not find the Premium Membership helpful, just ask for a refund. You will only need to tell us why you did not find it helpful and we will issue you a refund. We only want happy customers that like to study our fun materials using everyday English.

I from India and I love English language very much. I want to say I learned so much when I do lessons and I like the funny expressions to make my friends laugh when I try sounding to say it like you. I think now because I have real English conversations website my English will be best in India and might help me maybe get good work. I read with the transcripts and listen for good practice this I do with every conversation you do, I want to say all India people need Amy and Curtis teaching them and Thank you. 

Savaani R.


Section 1: Summary (Click to Open)
A summary of the conversation topic to prepare you for the Real English Conversation. When you know what the conversation is about, you will naturally understand more.
Sections 2 to 5: Conversation Analysis
Studying a long conversation can be overwhelming, so we have separated each conversation into 4 parts to make it easy to do all the recommended activities in this section. In these sections, you will discover new vocabulary, learn idioms and even notice grammar patterns in a more natural way. Train your ears to listen better and understand more of what you hear. There are some easy speaking exercises to get you used to answering some questions using new vocabulary as well. When you are finished these sections, you will understand a natural English conversation easily.
Section 6 & 7: Pronunciation
We show you a technique that helps improve your pronunciation, your accent, your ability to speak faster and sound more like a native speaker. It also allows your brain to make connections with the tone and pauses that native speakers say things. The technique used in this section also helps to develop a natural understanding of how things are supposed to be said, instead of having to think of a list of rules.
Section 8 & 9: Speaking Fluency Improvement
In section 8 & 9 you will learn a technique that will help you to improve your English fluency using our conversational questions as well as other resources that focus on helping you to connect your thoughts and use new vocabulary while practicing speaking.

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