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In this conversational English podcast, we tell you all about our experiences preparing to move to another country and all the stuff we had to get rid of. Moving to another country is a big, life changing decision. It also requires a lot of planning and preparation. Hear about the renovations and improvements we did to prepare our house to sell, how we told the person renting the basement they needed to find a new home, and sell almost everything we owned in garage sales in this English podcast lesson.


Conversational English Podcast | Moving to Another Country



Curtis:  We had to deal with our house. We bought a house six or seven years ago and we obviously had to sell that house.

Amy:  We, oh, this is a bit of a complicated story but we’ve got some good vocabulary. So six or seven years ago we bought a house that’s known as a foreclosure. And what is a foreclosure?

Curtis:  A foreclosure means that the owners of the house had a hard time paying their mortgage. So the bank will take over ownership of that property. And the property is of less value, would you say?

Amy:  Yeah. Like the bank knows that they’re not receiving any income from the property anymore so they’re trying to sell it as quickly as they can. I mean, if you think about it, someone who can’t pay their mortgage probably isn’t able to maintain things within the house. So what were some of things that when we moved in, when we decided to buy it, what were some of the problems that we had with the house?

Curtis:  Well, we had to do some renovations. So the basement wasn’t finished.

Amy:  Meaning it had just concrete on the floor with no carpet. And the walls weren’t finished so you could just see the boards where the walls were going to be. But they didn’t have drywall over top.

Curtis:  And we had to replace carpets and do, we had to paint the whole thing too.

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Conversational English Podcast: Moving To Another Country

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