One to One Lessons

Get the specific help that YOU need to make fast progress with your English skills. 

Keeping it Fun!

Because learning is easier when you enjoy the lessons!

Amazing Techniques

Personal experience learning a language has helped us identify the best techniques and exercises that are best for you!

Schedule a Private Lesson with Our Teachers

We use a platform called to schedule and manage our private lessons because they have the ability to automatically calculate time zones, cancel or change lessons times and our availability is current.

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What to expect from our lessons:

  • One-to-one practice with a native speaker (Amy or Curtis)
  • Have a fun conversation or work on something specific, it’s your choice!
  • We can help you improve your listening, speaking fluency, pronunciation and vocabulary
  • Ask us questions
  • Receive corrections (only if you want to be corrected, of course)
  • Get some homework to complete before your next lesson for maximum improvement

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