Beginner Conversations Course

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Course Level: Beginner to Pre-Intermediate

Activity Length: 5-20 minutes (each activity)


Skills Developed in this Course:

  • Vocabulary Building (Common and frequently used words)
  • Listening Comprehension
  • Speaking Practice

Course Description:

The words used in conversations are the most frequent words used in English.

If you study real conversations like the ones we have in this course, you will learn the most important vocabulary used by real people, be able to practice listening and start to do some easy speaking exercises.

This course has slow and simple version of a ‘real conversations’ to help our beginner students quickly improve their skills to reach the intermediate level fast.


Results to Expect from this Course:

After completing each section of the course, you will see that you are starting to understand more of each audio lesson before you start doing the activities related to the lesson. Your ears will learn to hear and understand words that are commonly used and your knowledge of the right type of vocabulary is increasing.

The goal of the course is to help you learn the most frequent vocabulary used in everyday life by native speakers to prepare you to understand the conversations used in our pre-intermediate lessons and intermediate lessons.