REC Mini-Course

  • Course Level: Intermediate to Advanced
  • Activity Length: 10-20 minutes (each activity)
  • Time to Complete the Course: 2-3 hours


Skills Developed in this Course:

  • Language Learning Techniques (for intermediate to advanced learners)
  • Vocabulary Building
  • Listening Comprehension
  • Speaking Skills

Course Description:

This mini-course teaches you easy to learn strategies that can dramatically change how quickly you can improve your speaking and listening skills.  

The activities are practical and they are focused on helping you to improve speaking and listening skills for real world communication. You will quickly learn more about our methodology and why our lessons are so effective to improve your speaking and listening skills.

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Results to Expect from this Course:

After watching the videos and doing the suggested activities, you will have a different view about how to study English if you want to sound natural, understand native speakers and study independently. 

These lessons are only a small sample of the advice and activities that are part of our full courses.

Course Content

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