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The Difference Between Speaking and Listening


This is how listening feels 🙂

When you listen:

While you listen, the only thing you are focusing on is understanding what you hear.

And it’s okay if you only understand 80% or 90%.




But when you speak:

And this is how you feel when you have to speak 🙁

You need to say 100% of the words in the sentence to be understood. 

You need to think about grammar and sentence structure.

And remember the right vocabulary! 

Thinking through all of that stuff takes time and a lot of practice. There’s a lot of information that your brain is trying to remember and sort through while you speak. 


Practice is the Only way to Fluency!

I know… you can understand something you hear or read very well.

BUT when you try to talk about it…

You can’t remember those words while speaking!

The next activity will help you fix this problem 🙂