Using Words You ‘Know’ When You Speak!

When you hear or read a word, you understand it perfectly. But… When you speak, you feel like it is impossible to use that vocabulary!

In this Recorded Training Video, I’ll show you a technique to identify words that you understand but you never use AND how to start activating those words in your vocabulary. This is a technique that should add to every study session.

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  • How to Translate Less and Start Thinking in English 
  • Understanding Difficult Accents 
  • How to Sound More like a Native Speaker
  • Keeping Your Motivation High
  • Using Words You Understand but NEVER use while Speaking
  • How to Have a Flowing Conversation (that feels comfortable and easy with this trick)
  • Reducing Your Accent, Having Better Tone and Rhythm 
  • & many more awesome topics like this!