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Speaking Practice Questions:

In your own words, try to answer these questions based on the short film you just watched. 

What is the first problem in the elevator?

  • Hint: The number of people

What was he doing with his calculator?

  • Hint: Weight limit

What was he thinking when the second elevator opened?

  • Hint: Relieved / Thinner people – less weight

What was the problem in the second elevator?

  • Hint: Sick people

Related Vocabulary to Try and Use

  • Floor: In an elevator or a tall building, you refer to the level as the ‘floor’
    • Which floor are you going to? The second floor, please.
  • Weight Limit: The maximum weight that is allowed in an elevator
    • The weight limit of the elevator is 2000 pounds
  • Overweight: A person that weighs more than the average, healthy person.
    • The first elevator was full of overweight people.
  • Crowded: Lots of people with very little space.
    • The elevator was very crowded with large, overweight people.
  • Creak: A high-pitched sound when something is moved or when pressure or weight is applied.
    • The elevator made a horrible creaking sound when it had a lot of weight in it.
  • Mucous: A type of slimy liquid that is produced by the body.
    • Someone coughed and sprayed mucous on the back of the main characters head.