Speaking Fluency Activity

If you are serious about improving your speaking skills, you need to try our speaking practice activities!

9 out of 10 students won’t do this activity…

Are you the ONE student that will? 

(Tip: Reading and listening will not improve your speaking fluency skills…)


Adjust this Exercise to Your Current Speaking Level

Pre-Intermediate: Read the questions and try to answer with one or 2 sentences. This activity is easy if you give a simple answer or explanation.

Intermediate: Try to answer the question with more detail. You should be speaking for at least 5 minutes. Try to answer the question by only listening to the audio. If it is too difficult, read the question from the PDF download.

Advanced: Only listen to the audio. Focus on explaining your answer in the way you want to speak instead of limiting yourself to the word and phrases you are most comfortable using. Think about how you would express the idea in your native language, then how to explain it with that same level of detail in English.

All of our Memberships give you access to 150+ questions like these related to the conversation topics. Answering open-ended questions like these are a great way to become comfortable talking about things related to you that might be discussed in a conversation one day.

Speaking out loud (alone) is a little uncomfortable the first time but it is a VERY effective technique to increase the vocabulary you can use while speaking, improve your accent and also to speak with less errors. 

Each time that you try to explain something, you are forcing your brain to remember the words it knows and think about the grammar structures that you need to put a sentence together.

This gets easier with more practice!