Speaking with More Fluency in 3 Easy Steps

Watch this video to learn about a speaking practice technique that will help you to talk about any topic with more advanced vocabulary, better fluency, and fewer grammar errors.

This is only one of the 25 speaking fluency techniques available to members of the Fluency Power Pack or the Online Courses Membership.


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How to Do the Repeat it 3 Times Technique:


Attempt 1: Vocabulary and Phrase Finding

Explain a summary of the hot springs conversation. When you find a word or phrase you do not know, stop to look it up. If it is a phrase, use a translator tool to check how it is said properly.

**I recommend using an online translator dictionary (like wordreference.com) plus an online translator tool (translate.google.com or context.reverso.net or lingee.com)


Attempt 2: Grammar Practice and More Vocabulary

There are many different ways to say the same thing… you will discover that when you try to explain your summary again. You may find new words and phrases you need as well.

During this attempt, you will notice that it is easier for you to put the sentences together properly because you have already thought about the grammar previously. This is the real key to speaking fluently – when you have used the grammar so many times you don’t have to think about it anymore!

Advanced students: Try to give more detail to make it more difficult.


Attempt 3: Focus on Speaking Flow

Now your brain has become familiar with the words, you have said them a couple of times, and you have thought about the grammar. It is time to focus on your speaking flow.

During your third attempt, try to give the summary with a focus on speaking at a consistent speed. I recommend speaking a little bit slower to help give you time to think. Speaking fast is not the goal, speaking with a consistent speed is.