Hot Springs Speaking Activity

At this point, you probably feel pretty confident understanding the audio, recognizing the new words and understanding the conversation about Hot Springs. 

Now, it’s time to try to TALK about what you have LISTENED TO.


Speaking Exercise:

Try to explain: Why did we go camping in October (in Canada)?

You might need to review the transcription to remind you what we discussed. I recommend taking notes to help you remember the most important points and some words or phrases that will be helpful. 

Review the Transcription Here

Amy: So, anyway, we were talking about the last trip that we did to the hot springs. And that was when we went camping last fall. I think we went to Box Lake, it’s called.

 Curtis:  Yeah. And…

Amy:  What time of year was it?

Curtis:  It was in the fall. In October, I believe.  

Amy:  Is it normal to be camping in October?

Curtis:  No, it’s pretty cold in October, usually, but for some reason, it was really nice when we went.

Amy:  Yeah. I remember looking at the weather forecast and seeing that, oh, hey, you know, it’s going to be between 21 and 25 degrees, for some reason, in the middle of October. And the overnight lows were going to be down around 12 or 13 degrees. And I thought I think we should go camping. Let’s just bring a car full of blankets and, you know, long pants and long johns and toques and gloves and everything that we could possibly need in case we’re cold.

 Curtis:  Yeah. And we were more than prepared.

Amy:  But were we cold?

Curtis:  No. We weren’t cold at all.

Amy:  No, it wasn’t any worse than camping in the summertime. Like it was…it was really strange. 

First Attempt: Use These Notes to Help You 

Take your time trying to explain why we decided to go camping. 

  • Which season and month did we go camping?  
    • October – fall  (autumn)


  • Why do people usually avoid camping in October?
    • It’s pretty cold…


  • What was the weather forecast?
    • Between 21 to 25 degrees during the day
    • And overnight lows of 12 or 13 degrees


  • What did we bring to stay warm?
    •  Blankets, long pants, long johns, toques and gloves


  • In the end, was it cold? 
    • No, it was like summertime.