Your Fluency Test

After saying new words a couple of times, they become easier to remember. 

The same is true for grammar structures. 

This is the reason why the Repeat it 3 Times Technique is so effective to improve fluency. 

It helps your brain to understand how to use new vocabulary and common sentence structures several times to be easily remembered in the future even if you are talking about a completely different topic!


Attempt #3: Focus on Fluency 

Now that you’ve practiced your explanation twice, this attempt is about giving your answer with fluency. Focus on speaking at a comfortable speed and maintaining a good rhythm while you speak. 

Answer this question one last time…

Why did we go camping in October? 


This is a picture from our camping trip. This was the view outside of our tent!


How do you feel?

When you compare your first attempt to this last attempt, did you see an improvement with your speaking fluency? 

Imagine learning how to talk about all of the different topics that we discuss in our conversation lessons! I am certain that you will improve just like our other REC members that are realizing they can reach their speaking fluency goals with us. 


Listen to Smith’s Experience Here

My name is Smith and I am from Haiti. I am really happy to have signed up for Real English Conversations because it has really helped me improve my listening and speaking skills.

And thanks to the teacher, Amy Whitney, who also acts as a researcher on how to learn a foreign language more efficiently. So, thanks to her good advice and methodology about how to deeply work out my listening and how to stick with my speaking practice, even without having someone to talk to, I have been able to gradually improve my English in many ways.