Phrasal Verb Course

  • Course Level: Intermediate to Advanced
  • Lesson Length: 5-10 minutes each


Skills Developed in this Course:

  • Understanding common phrasal verbs
  • Improving Listening Comprehension
  • Building Vocabulary


Course Description:

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Learn phrasal verbs the easy way by using audio lessons, lots of examples and interesting stories that help you understand, remember and use phrasal verbs in your own speaking.

Phrasal verbs are a key part of English communication and conversations. These lessons will help you understand some of the most common ones plus be able to use them while speaking.

If you've tried (and failed) to 'memorize' lists of phrasal verbs in the past, you're sure to enjoy our method which will help you naturally develop an understanding of these verbs and how they sound when they are used correctly.


Results to Expect from this Course:

Not only will you learn many of the most common phrasal verbs, but you will also learn 'how to learn' new phrasal verbs quickly and easily from sources (videos, conversations, articles, etc.

In addition to learning the meaning of phrasal verbs, you are going to improve your listening comprehension by learning to think of phrasal verbs as one verb. This is extremely helpful if you find yourself lost and confused when listening to a native speaker because you are listening to each word individually.

The phrasal verb stories will make the meaning of the phrasal verbs stick because they are memorable, interesting and a little crazy. You'll be able to visualize the situation in your mind and understand the meaning. Listening to the audio version of the phrasal verb stories is a great way to quickly review lessons that you've learned previously to keep it fresh in your mind.


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