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Step 1: Listen and Read

To improve your listening skills, it is important to listen to the audio and be sure that you can hear every single word. Start by listening to the transcript and reading along. If there is a word that is difficult to understand, listen to the audio again. 



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Amy: In this conversation, we are going to talk about what it’s like to get your license in North America to be able to drive a car. Specifically, what you have to do to get a driver’s license1 in Canada because that’s where we’re from. So, what is the first step?

Curtis: Studying the book that you get with all the rules of the road2 in it before you do your written test3.

Amy: That’s right. So you need to study all of the traffic rules4 that are in this book so that when you’re on the road5 in your car, you’re able to act the same way that the other drivers act, so everybody knows which direction people are going and they’re able to avoid accidents and keep things safe6. So after you pass that test, what’s the next thing?

Curtis: You get into a car with somebody who has a driver’s license and who has some experience and then you get to practice with them.

Amy: That’s right. It’s like supervised7 driving. You do not have a license where you can drive on your own8, you need to use this period to practice your driving skills9, to prepare you for the next test.

Curtis: Right.

Amy: So the next test is the road test10 and this is where you go out with somebody who evaluates11 if you are ready to drive on your own without supervision.

Curtis: An instructor12.

Amy: An instructor that is testing you and paying attention to errors that you might make. So you can’t make very many errors, otherwise, you’ll fail the test and you need to do the exam again. In Canada, we have a period where, after you pass your road test, you still have a limited license and you’re not able to, for example, you can’t have a speeding ticket13 or get a traffic fine14.

Curtis: Right.

Amy: And you can only have one other person in the vehicle with you, and I think it’s for a year or something like that. In the United States, I’m not sure, but after you do your final road test, you are finally able to drive on your own and you don’t have to have any of these rules with limitations.

Curtis: You get a Class 5 license15.

Amy: That’s right, we call it a Class 5 license.


Step 2: Listen without Reading

Now, let’s see how much you can understand without reading the transcript. If you cannot understand the audio very well without reading, try this activity 2 or 3 times until you can understand it easier.


If you can understand 90% or more, you are ready to start the next activity!