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Conversation Summary Activity

A common problem that students have is that they can understand something very well…

But, when they try to talk about the same topic, it feels really, really difficult. 

This activity is going to help you use the new vocabulary you just learned to explain the first part of the conversation!

Speaking Activity Instructions: 

Try to explain the this section of the conversation by speaking out loud. Use the hints below to help you remember what we discussed in the conversation. 

Note: If you find this activity too difficult, try to write your answer first. 


Explain the steps that you need to follow to get a drivers license in Canada

  • Learn the rules
  • Take the knowledge test
  • Learners License
  • Who teaches you to drive?
  • Road test to get your novice license
  • Final Road test to get your official license


If you need to check the transcription again, you can read it here:


Amy: You pick up this book and it has all the rules of the road.

Curtis: Yeah, you have to study it because you have to write a written test or something like that.

Amy: Yeah, it’s been a long time. Right, Curtis?

Curtis: It’s been a very long time for me, yeah.

Amy: So, yeah, you have to go in. There’s a test that makes sure that, obviously, you’ve studied the book, you know about the rules of making a right-hand turn, for example, when you need to yield, when you need to stop. All of those sort of things.

Curtis: Parallel parking.

Amy: Yup. And then if you pass the test, they give you a license, which you’re able to drive a vehicle under the supervision of someone who has a proper license.

Curtis: Right.

Amy: Anyway, we have in Canada, there’s a phase where after you’ve had your training with whoever is teaching you. You come back and you get another license which has restrictions for a year or so until you pass your final exam and you’re able to drive without all of the rules.