Transcription Review and Vocabulary

In this activity, you need to read the transcription to understand exactly what we explained in the audio. We have selected and explained the meaning of some words, phrases and sentences that we think are useful to learn. 

Transcription Part 1:

Curtis: We’re going to talk about driving in Canada and North America. And it all starts with getting your learner’s license*, right Amy?

Amy: Yeah, definitely. In order to be on the road behind the wheel* of a vehicle*, you’ve got to have a license. And the first thing that you do is you, actually…at least in Canada, we do things in a very specific way. We have something called a graduated licensing program*. I’m sure that the United States does it differently. But you pick up this book and it has all the rules of the road*.

Curtis: Yeah, you have to study it because you have to write a written test* or something like that.

Amy: Yeah, it’s been a long time. Right, Curtis*?

Curtis: It’s been a very long time for me, yeah.

  • Learner’s License: A special driver’s license that allows you to drive a vehicle with an authorized person supervising you.

  • Behind the wheel: The person driving the car.

  • Vehicle: a word to describe a: car, truck, bus, minivan, motorcycle or SUV

  • Graduated licensing program: this is a very specific type of vocabulary (don’t learn it). It means a program with several steps to get your license.

  • Rules of the road: The traffic rules. Rules you have to follow when you drive.

  • Written test: A test with several questions that you have to pass.

  • “It’s been a long time. Right, Curtis”: Amy is making a joke about Curtis’ age. She says it has been many years since he got his license… which makes him old.

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Listen and Reading the Text

Imporant: We recommend READING the transcription to understand the meaning of new words and new structures BEFORE listening and reading.

If you have already studied the transcription, now you should listen to the audio while reading to improve your listening comprehension.

Vocabulary Quiz 

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