Short Film: The Elevator

For this activity, you will watch a short film about an uncomfortable elevator ride.

We have selected some words that we think you would find useful to use during the second part of the activity where you need to describe the short film and answer the speaking practice questions.



Selected Vocabulary

Try to recognize when these words are used in the film when you are watching it.

Floor: In an elevator or a tall building, you refer to the level as the ‘floor’

  • Which floor are you going to? The second floor please.

Weight Limit: The maximum weight that is allowed in an elevator

  • The weight limit of the elevator is 2000 pounds

Overweight: A person that weighs more than the average, healthy person.

  • The first elevator was full of overweight people.

Crowded: Lots of people with very little space.

  • The elevator was very crowded with large, overweight people.

Creak: A high-pitched sound when something is moved or when pressure or weight is applied.

  • The elevator made a horrible creaking sound when it had a lot of weight in it.

Mucous: A type of slimy liquid that is produced by the body.

  • Someone coughed and sprayed mucous on the back of the main characters head.