How Can I Speak Better?

You can read, write and understand English…

But when you try to speak the words don’t come out of you the way you want them to

As a conversation teacher… this tells me that you need to practice speaking more.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I need to practice each day?

You will see good results with your speaking if you practice the speaking activities for 30 minutes a day. If you cannot commit to practicing 30 minutes a day, you will still see good results if you are practicing several times a week for longer periods of time.

Let’s say the goal is to practice 3 hours a week on average. The best results will be achieved if you practice almost every day.

In this course we teach you different speaking practice methods that you can do anywhere at anytime. That means that you can still continue to practice speaking even if you are not in front of your computer. Practice speaking while you drive in your car or you are doing chores around your house.

What level of English do I need for this course?

This is not a course for beginners. The lessons are designed for intermediate to advanced level students. The lessons are taught using only English. If you are understanding the writing on this page, you can do this course.

How much does the course cost?

The price for this course is a one-time payment to get access to the lessons forever. There are no monthly fees.

To see the current price, please visit this page:  Speaking Course Registration

You can pay with a Credit Card, Visa Debit Card or PayPal. Prepaid credit cards are available in most countries as well. You can just add money to your prepaid credit card then make a purchase on our website.


How can I practice speaking alone?

Most speaking lessons that I have seen do not make you think in English and they do not teach you to explain your thoughts. Other courses ask you to repeat what you hear or memorize scripts of situations. Repeating what you hear does not make you think and memorizing scripts is not a useful method to learn to be prepared to use the English you know in any situation.

In real life, you need to think about what you want to say, and then say it in English. Other courses do not give you the type of activities you need to develop ‘thinking’ skills to be prepared to explain your thoughts in any situation.

Our course focuses on making you use what you have learned (while speaking).  Improve your speaking by learning how to tell more interesting stories, giving your opinion and practicing detailed explanations about specific things.

Speaking skills that will help you communicate better in real life, with a real person.

This course is designed specifically for intermediate to advanced level learners that need to start using their English the like a real language. No grammar rules. No word lists. No scripts.  Have you seen a course like that?

In this course you will:

  • Discover the words you are missing that are stopping you from being fluent.
  • Practice the grammar you already know
  • Start to express your thoughts exactly the way you want to
  • Learn how to practice sounding more like a native speaker
  • Build confidence as your skills increase and you can see in the live conversations you have!
Are these private lessons with a native speaker?

You do not need private lessons to improve your speaking using this course. In fact, it is a great way reduce the cost of private lessons because you will be able to practice speaking A LOT without needing anyone to practice with (including hiring someone for a private lesson).

If you really want to have private lessons with us, we do offer them to members of our courses. Send us an email to ask about prices and to tell us how often you want to practice.

Can I download the lessons?
All the videos are You Tube videos. It is possible to download You Tube videos for free using certain online software. The activities are explained in each lesson on a webpage and in the main activity video. If there are transcriptions or Mp3 files, they are available for download.
Will I be fluent by the end of the course?

This depends on your current level and speaking abilities.

True speaking fluency takes many hours to develop. This course will give you the ideas you need to continue improving your speaking skills with interesting activities until you reach your fluency goals. You will be able to speak fluently if you continue to do the activities from this course.

You will have more confidence, feel less nervous and be able to communicate your thoughts much easier by the end of the course 🙂

Will you give me corrections for my speaking?

If you feel like your speaking skills are worse than your reading, writing and listening skills, you already ‘know’ how to say things correctly most of the time.

The problem is that when you speak, you have error and it is difficult to think about what you want to say.

As a conversational English teacher, this tells me you need practice, not corrections.

You will continue to improve your English skills as you learn more. It is important to practice speaking so that your speaking skills continue to improve and reach the level of your other English skills (reading, writing and listening).

Also, if you have a question, you can post a question in our private member group to get an answer quickly from another member of the group or Amy and Curtis will answer your questions.

If corrections are really important to you, we can give you corrections in the private lesson (additional fees apply).

Every day I hear from people that desperately need to improve their speaking skills:

To Get the Job They Want

That job that will improve their life and be enjoyable

To Succeed in an International University

Expensive courses that they can’t afford to fail…

To Pass the IELTS or TOEFL Exam

Specifically the intimidating speaking section…

For Immigration to Another Country

To quickly find new opportunities

To Travel the World Confidently

Being able to make friends with native speakers abroad

Hello my name is Airat and I’m from Russia. I’m a scientist. A few months ago, I got a new job that involves a lot of business trips to the United States. At that time my English was terrible. I had to quickly catch up to speak fluent English. I spent a lot of time learning from textbooks but they have turned out to be useless to reach fluency. Then I came across Amy and Curtis’s site. Through their technique in two months I’ve improved my English from beginner to upper-intermediate level. I tried different courses but this site is my favorite.

Airat M.

Russian Scientist

Learn to Speak Confidently with More Fluency

This course is perfect for anyone with an intermediate to advanced level in English that needs to take their speaking skills to the next level!

Improve your accent and get used to talking faster

Use better grammar automatically when you talk

Speak with better fluency and sound more like a native speaker

Learn how to keep talking even if you don't know a word

Get results you can feel by the end of each lesson

I was really worried about passing the speaking section on the IELTS exam. I did the lessons from this course only one month before my test. I  started doing the lessons every day for an hour. I felt confident and relaxed during the exam and my result was better than what I needed or expected! Thank-you Real English Conversations and teacher Amy, it really works ! Zoe

PhD Student , China

I had to go to the United States for a business trip. I was excited about the opportunity but I knew my speaking skills were not very good and I didn’t want to disappoint my bosses on this important business trip. Thankfully, I found this speaking Course to quickly improve before I had to leave! I felt confident during my meetings and my employer was very happy with my work. Mathis N.

Communications Manager, France

Here is What is Included in the Course:

100 Speaking Activities

Enjoy trying different lessons and activities that will have you speaking for at least 30 minutes while you develop skills such as: speaking fluency, pronunciation and vocabulary building. 50+ hours of speaking practice activities!

Lifetime Access to the Course

The 21 lessons in this course are great to do once… but you can continue to use the course and techniques as a guide to create your own speaking practice activities. You will have lots of ideas to be able to practice speaking on your own until you reach the level of fluency you want.

42 Videos in this course!

Amy shares all the tips and tricks she knows to help you speak better. Learn new techniques that are going to get you better results than anything else you have tried before. Everything from improving your accent to feeling more confident when you speak!

Private Facebook Group

Get access to our Private Facebook Group that is only available to members. Ask us questions and find other members that want to practice speaking with you. Maybe you can even do the speaking activities from this course with a new friend ?

Speak English with Better Fluency & More Confidence with this Course.


Our Guarantee

Our Course Satisfaction Guarantee

Try the lessons from this Speaking Course. If you are not satisfied with the lessons for any reason after you complete your first private lesson, we will give you 100% of your money back. We only want customers that are satisfied and have improved with our lessons.

Here at Real English Conversations, we are very confident that you will see great results when you do the recommended activities in this course. There is no risk in trying the course because we guarantee that you will speak better by the last lesson.

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