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3 Simple Reasons Why You Can’t Understand Audio

You don't know the word

If it’s a new word… you won’t know what it means

Your brain don't recognize the word

The sounds of the English language are foreign to your brain. It often filters the sounds it doesn’t recognize and ignores them.

You cannot comprehend what you hear

Even if you know all the words and most of the grammar, it can be difficult to connect everything together when listening to fast audio.

Fix the problems you have with listening with our Real English Conversation Lessons

Listen to more than 9 hours of audio with 38 conversations about different topics (a new conversation lesson each month!). Each conversation is approximately 15 minutes long. Each conversation lesson has:


A transcription so you can hear every word in the audio and easily learn new words you don’t know yet


A vocabulary section with examples to help you understand the words better


Exercises to test your understanding of each conversation and the new vocabulary


A Real English Tip to help you sound more like a native speaker

10+ Hours of Real Conversation Audio

Understand Native Speakers Better

These conversations are not scripted or planned. Listen to two native speakers having a conversation with each other about and everyday topic.


Learn the Most Common Words that You Need to Know

Studying conversations is the fastest way to learn the most common words that people use when communicating.

Hear EVERYTHING in the Audio with Transcriptions

Stop trying to guess what you hear. It’s a waste of time! Use the transcriptions to help you understand everything.

You will improve your listening with these lessons…


The Real English Conversations Course Includes:

  • Access to ALL of our Conversations (see list here)
  • MP3 Downloads
  • PDF Transcriptions of the Audio
  • Practice Exercises
  • Additional Vocabulary Explanations with Extra Examples
  • Access to the Private Member Group to ask questions about things you don’t understand 🙂
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Email us at contact@realenglishconversations.com

Our Course Satisfaction Guarantee

Try the lessons from the Real English Conversations Course. If you are not satisfied with the lessons for any reason, we will give you 100% of your money back. We only want customers that are satisfied and have improved with our lessons.

Here at Real English Conversations, we are very confident that you will see great results when you do the recommended activities in this course. There is no risk in trying the course because we guarantee that you will speak better by the last lesson.

I didn’t realize how bad my listening was until I arrived to the USA and started trying to talk to other students. I was very embarrassed to have to ask people to repeat all the time. I felt stupid for not understanding… but it seemed like they were talking so fast.

I signed up for this course and started listening to some of the conversation lessons. I used the transcripts when I could not understand something or heard an expression I wanted to know. I started to feel more confident with understanding American English and I could understand my classmates A LOT better.

Thank you Amy and Curtis for making these interesting conversations. They are fun to listen to many times because when your listening is bad, you need to listen to study the same audio many times.


International University Student