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Speaking Practice with Real People


Quickly Improve Your Listening Skills


Increase Your Confidence

Reach Fluency!

Practice Speaking with Real People!

  • Join a group video call with a native speaker teacher and other members 
  • WhatsApp Speaking Practice Group for Members
  • Ask questions and practice speaking spontaneously with real people!
Learn More About the Conversation Practice Lessons

Join a Group Speaking Practice Sessions

Talking with real people is very motivating and exciting! Unlike other online courses… we give you the opportunity to practice speaking with real people which is an important part of reaching fluency in a language. 

Join a live practice session with a native speaker teacher and other members in a video call (similar to Skype). We use a program that works well even if you have a low-speed internet connection.

WhatsApp Speaking Practice Group

Participate in our English speaking community by leaving voice messages about something the teacher has posted. Share your experience or opinion and ask questions. A native speaker teacher always leads this group to make sure the focus is to practice speaking about different topics.

Many students find this group helpful to practice speaking during the day, even if it is just for a few minutes. Hearing different accents from other students is a great way to improve listening skills too!

Recorded Sessions if You Can’t Attend

All the group sessions are recorded to allow you to watch later and learn from other people. This is also helpful to listen to your own speaking and listen for mistakes that you made to self-correct them. When you watch the recording you can also study what the teacher said and take notes to learn cool expressions, reactions and phrases.

Small groups (maximum 6 people) make sure that you have time to participate in the conversation and practice spontaneous speaking skills. Students can also ask questions about things and get advice about what to study in these sessions.

Time and Length of the Sessions

The lessons are 60-minutes long. The time of these sessions changes to allow students from all around the world to join. The sessions happen between 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM CST which means you will be able to join a few sessions a month regardless of your time zone. As we have more members that join, we will add additional sessions to make sure they are never too crowded!

Understand Naturally Spoken English

  • Listen to fun and entertaining conversations (with texts)
  • Understand native speakers with our highly effective method
  • Learn expressions and phrases used by real people 
  • 40+ full-length conversations to study in the Real English Conversation Course
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Lots of Audio About Different Topics

Audio that is perfect for beginner level (A2) to advanced level students (C1). The Real English Conversations Course includes access to 41 full-length conversations (12 hours of audio) with a transcription (text), speaking and listening exercises. With text, you will be able to read what you hear AND see the words and phrases you can’t hear or understand. (Test Your Level Here)

The audio is fun and entertaining because we share our own experiences, opinions and stories about different topics related to North American culture. Our adult learners LOVE the conversations because they are authentic and natural – not scripted or rehearsed like the majority of English audio for ESL learners.

Solve Your Listening Problems Much Quicker!

Our listening training course will help you identify the problems with your listening (example: your ears are ignoring certain sounds in the English language or a missing vocabulary). Then we show you specific activities you can do using our audio lessons AND other resources like movies or YouTube videos to rapidly improve your listening skills.

Listening to hours and hours of English audio is the slowest way to improve your listening and an incredible waste of time. Learn a method that actually helps you improve your listening quickly by identifying the problems and fixing them.

Learn to Study and Understand Real English Conversations

Studying natural conversations between two native speakers will give you exposure to 95% of the most common vocabulary, expressions, phrasal verbs and reactions you are likely to hear anywhere.

By learning this type of vocabulary, you will also sound more natural when you speak and know the words you need to explain your thoughts. We will teach you effective ways to study a real conversation to help you learn faster using a method that builds vocabulary, rapidly improves listening and helps you to practice speaking about the topic.

Improve Your Speaking Skills Fast

  • Get access to the Speaking Course and Activities
  • Think in English while speaking
  • Use better vocabulary and make less mistakes
  • Practice when it is convenient for you
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Speaking Activities for Every Level

(Test Your Level Here)

  • The beginner lessons focus on answering simple questions to use the words that were in the audio.
  • The intermediate speaking activities help you to start explaining your own thoughts, ideas and opinions (just like you have to do in a conversation).
  • The advance speaking exercises show you how to speak using more advanced vocabulary in a more specific way. You will learn practice techniques to improve your accent, fluency and conversation flow.

Lots of Speaking Practice and Activities

You will not run out of speaking practice activities with these lessons! The techniques and activities are flexible to allow you to focus on the speaking skills you want to improve the most (example: pronunciation or speaking with more detail).

Once you learn how to improve that particular skill using a certain technique, you can practice speaking with the exercises we provide and also with the conversation lessons on the website, articles, movies, YouTube videos or anything else you want to study. We are going to teach you how to create a speaking practice activity using ANYTHING you study in English.

This allows you to keep your lessons challenging and shows you what you need to do to reach fluency!

Start Speaking and Thinking in English

To speak fluently, you need to practice speaking A LOT… but you also need to do activities that do not have a specific answer that is ‘correct’ or ‘incorrect’. Explaining different topics, giving your opinion, and telling stories require you to speak spontaneously.

You have to take an idea from your mind and explain it in English. Our activities help you to practice this way of speaking and thinking so that you are prepared to speak to anyone in any situation with more confidence.

Practice Speaking Anytime (without a partner)

Waiting for native speakers to practice with (for free) is a big mistake most learners make…

Becoming a good speaker requires you to practice in TWO ways:

Practice speaking with real people

  • Speaking with real people forces you to think quickly and use the words and grammar you know the best that you can. However, the pressure of having to speak quickly makes it difficult to use new vocabulary for the first time

Practice speaking in more detail and more specifically alone

  • When you remove the pressure of having to speak quickly face to face with another person, you can take the time you need to think about words you are missing from your spoken vocabulary (and look them up). You can think about the sentence structure and remember specific grammar rules. You can also repeat a sentence 2 or 3 times until it flows well and you feel confident with your pronunciation and structure.

Practicing alone is a key part of activating new vocabulary quickly when you speak, improving pronunciation, and thinking about complicated grammar structures to start using them instead of avoiding them. If you’ve never practiced speaking out loud to explain different things… you will be very surprised how well our practice techniques work to start seeing a big improvement in much less time.

“If you want to speak fluently and understand native speakers… You need to be studying Real English in natural conversations


Your program has left me speechless – there’s so much in it. Unbelievable !!!  For the first time, in a year, I’ve got the feeling, that I will get to the next level because of your program.???



Reaching Fluency Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult!

I wasn’t able to learn a language easily like other people…


Then I realized the problem was the method (typical textbook learning)


I decided to change my strategy!


Studying real conversations helped me to do this. (Conversations like this…)

I learned to understand native speakers and…


How to sound more natural while speaking because I used similar words (instead of textbook vocabulary!)


Now, I’ve created a website to teach you same methods that I used. 


For students that want to communicate with real people in the real world to actually reach fluency!

Frequently Asked Questions

What method do these lessons follow?

To understand the method and how this course is going to help you, I recommend watching the video below. The lessons in our courses teach you several things:

  1. Learn how to be a better language learner
  2. How to study and practice as an independent learner (not studying in a classroom)
  3. Lessons that focus on speaking to improve vocabulary, pronunciation and fluency
  4. Learn listening practice techniques to understand native speakers and movies
  5. How to develop real skills for real communication with real people


What is the price to join?

To see the exact prices, click here.

We offer monthly subscription and a yearly subscription option payments.

You can pay with a Credit Card, Visa Debit Card or PayPal.

If you don’t have a credit card, I recommend checking to see if your country sells Prepaid credit cards. You can just add money to your prepaid credit card then make a purchase on our website.

We can arrange alternative payment methods like Western Union or Bank Transfers. Please contact us directly if you need an alternative payment option. 

What Level of English Do I Need?

We have courses that are designed for a confident beginner (A2 Beginner Level) to an upper-advanced level student (C2 Level). If you can read this page and understand it okay, your English level is okay to do the lessons ?

→ Test Your Level Here

We teach people how to use and learn real English, the type that you will hear in the real world when you are working, traveling or studying in a foreign university.

These lessons will also help prepare you for English exams like the IELTS or TOEFL tests because you will understand what you hear and be able to speak about many different topics. 

This is what Amedeo W. Esposito said: I am writing to thank you for the invaluable benefits I received by your lessons, which allowed me to achieve an IELTS band score even better than I could expect, especially in the speaking section of the exam. I am deeply grateful to you for your help.

Kind regards.
Amedeo W. Esposito
Even though these lessons helped Amedeo, our lessons are not focused on helping you to pass a specific exam. They are designed for communication with real people with a focus on improving speaking and listening. 
When are the Conversation Practice Sessions?

Currently, the Live Practice Sessions happen several times a week. The time and day of the week will change to make sure that all students (from all time zones) can find a time to join the live conversations with a native speaker.

The sessions are 60-minutes long and they are always recorded. You will be able to join the video call using a special link that is provided in the member area. Notifications are sent out to members about the time and date of the session.
The conversation sessions are helpful at any level! If you are able to say a few simple sentences, that’s great. If you are an advanced level student, you can practice giving more detailed an specific answers. 
How can I improve my listening faster?

We know how to teach you to understand real English better! The Fluency Power Pack Membership includes access to LOTS of audio (more than 12 hours) and also special instructions to help you learn how to listen to understand what you hear better.  You will learn how to:

  • Use audio to review and learn words faster
  • Understand difficult or fast English speaker
  • Comprehend what you hear deeply
  • Understand different accents
  • Watch movies without subtitles
  • Hear audio without reading the text

Most language teachers have no idea how to teach students how to become good listeners… Amy (the creator of these lessons) had a lot of problems with her listening skills and developed a method to improve her skills quickly. When you join this course, you will learn this method too!

How much time to do I need to complete the lessons?

As a member of our website you will receive access to hundreds of lessons and activities to improve speaking and listening. The goal is not to ‘complete the lessons’ but instead, to use the lessons and live practice sessions to improve your skills until you reach fluency. 

To get the most benefit from our lessons and to reach your goal in a reasonable time, we recommend studying and practicing frequently (every 1 or 2 days for 30 to 60 minutes). This helps you to remember what you have learned easily and continue making progress. 
Obviously, the more consistently you practice, the faster you will improve. 🙂

Your program has left me speechless – there’s so much in it. Unbelievable !!! For the first time, in a year, I’ve got the feeling, that I will get to the next level because of your program.???

You should know that I have tried a lot of other lessons… I’ve followed: A.J. Hoge, Gabby Wallace, Jason L. Lavine ( Fluency MC), Rachel’s English (pronunciation), Coach Shane, Real life English (podcast and Fluent with friends), Teacher Paul , Espresso English (Shana) , English with Lucy, Jack from To Fluency English, Idossa, Hadar (accents way), the English coach Stefanie and so on AND private lessons also. 

As you can see, I tried a lot of different methods. I’m not saying I didn’t improve in some way from each teacher… But at some point, my progress stopped. I was always told that we have to surround ourselves with English and this will automatically give us the benefits of these passive activities. That’s obviously not true.?

Thanks to Amy’s advice, studying – now means- discovering things in the show. I found some idioms and collocations- even though I was able to understand at least 90% of the episode.

Now I finally understand that I have to do some extra work to reach the next level. Your program has been really helpful for dealing with those study habits I was missing (and not doing). I can see you put a lot of effort and love in your work. ??



Listen to Smith’s Experience:


My name is Smith and I am from Haiti. I am really happy to have signed up for Real English Conversations because it has really helped me improve my listening and speaking skills.

And thanks to the teacher, Amy Whitney, who also acts as a researcher on how to learn a foreign language more efficiently.

So, thanks to her good advice and methodology about how to deeply work out my listening and how to stick with my speaking practice, even without having someone to talk to, I have been able to gradually improve my English in many ways.

These people are going after their dreams because of the lessons and courses they did with Real English Conversations!


Hi. My name is Mohamad Afdal from Jakarta, Indonesia. After I joined the Real English Conversations WhatsApp group, I am making great progress. I become confident, my English Speaking is getting better and my listening skill is getting better too. So if you have a problem about your speaking and listening English skill…

Come on! Join with me in the Real English Conversations WhatsApp Group with teacher Amy Whitney!

Alfredo G – Professional Pilot Thanks to Real English Conversations I feel more confident when I need to talk, I have a better flow while speaking and that’s so important to my because my profession demands a good level of English because I’m an professional pilot!

I spent a lot of time learning from textbooks but they have turned out to be useless to reach fluency. Then I came across Amy and Curtis’s site. Through their techniques in two months I’ve improved my English from beginner to upper-intermediate level. I tried different courses but this site is my favorite.  A further advantage of this site is a very low subscription cost compared to other courses.


Scientist from Russia

I find your phrasal verbs podcasts very useful! We particularly appreciate it that each podcast gives sample sentences with both the phrasal verb in question and the alternative wording.  It appears to me that this makes it easier for the brain to retain the uses of a new phrasal verb!

Alexy M.


I’m studying to pass the TOEFL exam and it’s really helpful to hear you talking about different topics which are very enjoyable.  I’m thinking about moving to USA in order to improve my English level and discover a new culture, new places and also live new experiences.

Manel B.

Spain, Student

Ashmed H. PhD Student – University of Georgia When I first came to US, I had a hard time speaking and understanding what people are saying. The English that we have learned at school back in my country is completely different from the American spoken English. Even though I took an intensive English course and bought many books, it did not seem to help me speak naturally to native Americans because they just focused on the academic and formal English. Recently, I signed up for the Real English Conversation and I feel much more comfortable while speaking with native Americans.

I understand the English language but every time I use it in a conversation I always get lost of words. I also have a problem with my accent and intonation. Through your videos and article, I slowly gain knowledge on different common words used in everyday conversation. Your videos had been a great help!

Sarah J.

College Graduate from Cebu, Phillipines

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