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How will this help my listening skills?


We will teach you several techniques in that are work very well to help you rapidly improve your listening skills to be able to understand native speakers. Our conversations will let you study how native speakers communicate with our full-length audio conversations about fun and interesting topics.

Watch the video (it has subtitles to read and listen) for all the details.


How will I speak better and more fluently??

The speaking skills that you need to speak English in the real world with real people are not taught in typical English classes. 

Our speaking exercises focus on helping you to practice explaining your thoughts, opinions, and experiences. In the process, you are going to discover the words YOU are missing that you need to communicate your idea. This is a much faster way of finding the vocabulary you need for fluency.


How much vocabulary will I learn?

Learn all the most common English words, expressions, slang and filler words that native speakers use while speaking. To practice using all the vocabulary, you can do our speaking activities that will help you remember new words faster and help you speak with more detail.

What is included in the Premium Membership?

Get access to ALL the courses and lessons we have. It’s only a one time payment and you will have access to the lessons forever.

Hello my name is Airat and I’m from Russia. I’m a scientist. A few months ago, I got a new job and a new post involves a lot of business trips to the United States. At that time my English was terrible. I had to quickly catch up to speak fluent English. I spent a lot of time learning from textbooks but they have turned out to be useless to reach fluency. Then I came across Amy and Curtis’s site. Through their technique in two months I’ve improved my English from beginner to upper-intermediate level. I tried different courses but this site is my favorite. Over the time I’ve come up with my own way of learning which suits me best and that way based on techniques I learned from Amy and Curtis. A further advantage of this site is a very low subscription cost compared to other courses. Thank you guys for your work. I look forward to see new materials. Keep it up!

Airat Kuznetsov - Scientist (Russia)

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