Fluency Power Pack: One-Year Membership

The lessons and practice you need to reach real fluency

Question: What does 'coupon code' mean?

Answer: If you do not have a coupon code, you can leave this space empty. The coupon code is used when there is a specific promotion or discount available for a course or membership that may be offered a few times a year (occasionally).

Question: I don’t have a credit card. Is there a different way to pay?

Answer: Contact us to talk about different options.


Question: How do I cancel my subscription?

Answer: This membership is a subscription plan of $25 for 12 months. The rate is lower for this subscription because of the agreement to continue in the program for 12 months. If aren’t sure if you need 12 months of access, we recommend joining the month-to-month subscription for $45 per month because you can cancel at anytime. 


Question: What level of English do I need for this membership?

Answer: We have courses that are designed for a confident beginner (A2 Level) to an upper-advanced level student (C2 Level). If you can read this page and understand it okay, your English level is okay to do the lessons  Test Your Level Now

Your program has left me speechless – there’s so much in it. Unbelievable !!! For the first time, in a year, I’ve got the feeling, that I will get to the next level because of your program.???

Thanks to Amy’s advice, I finally understand that I have to do some extra work to reach the next level. Your program has been really helpful for dealing with those study habits I was missing (and not doing).

I can see you put a lot of effort and love in your work. ??



My name is Smith and I am from Haiti. I am really happy to have signed up for Real English Conversations because it has really helped me improve my listening and speaking skills. And thanks to the teacher, Amy Whitney, who also acts as a researcher on how to learn a foreign language more efficiently. So, thanks to her good advice and methodology about how to deeply work out my listening and how to stick with my speaking practice, even without having someone to talk to, I have been able to gradually improve my English in many ways.

This Membership Includes:


Speaking Practice Sessions

Join a 60-minute conversation with a native speaker to practice speaking with a native speaker and other members (up to 6 per month) 


Speaking Course Lessons

Lessons that give step-by-step instructions to improve speaking skills


Real English Conversations Lessons

Listen to naturally spoken conversations to quickly improve listening skills


Phrasal Verb Lessons

Learn phrasal verbs using the context of stories and examples


Beginner Lessons

Easy to understand audio and simple speaking activities to quickly become conversational


Pre-Intermediate Lessons

Learn how to study ‘Real English’ to rapidly improve listening and speaking skills


Training Videos

Learn how to quickly improve common problems English learners face on the road to fluency with these videos!


Member-Only Facebook Group

Ask questions and find friends in our English speaking community


WhatsApp Speaking Practice Group

Practice speaking daily anywhere at anytime. Send voice messages easily from your cell phone to share your opinion about topics posted by the teacher