Basic REC Membership

Small Group Lessons, REC Conversations and Member-Only Group

This Membership Includes:


REC Member-Only Speaking Practice Group

  • Daily Speaking Activities
  • Post your voice message to the group and receive corrections and feedback from our teachers!

4 x Real English Conversation lessons

  • Coversation lessons that are only available to REC Member
    • These lessons are not available on our podcast
  • Transcription & MP3 Audio Download
  • Get a new lesson every week

Question: I don’t have a credit card. Is there a different way to pay?

Answer: For this membership, we need to have online payment because there it is a monthly subscription. 

Question: How do I cancel my payments if I want to stop?

You can cancel your subscription anytime by logging into your account and going to the ‘My Account’ area. From there, you will see an option to cancel your subscription in one-click.

If you need help, contact us 1-2 days before your subscription renews so we can stop it. 

Question: What does 'coupon code' mean?

Answer: If you do not have a coupon code, you can leave this space empty. The coupon code is used when there is a specific promotion or discount available for a course or membership that may be offered a few times a year (occasionally). 


Question: What level do I need for this membership?

For this membership, the minimum level is low-intermediate. This means that you can speak for 30-60 sentences about a simple topic. It’s okay if you need to speak slowly or think.

Having access to post messages in the Member-Only Speaking Practice Group is going to help you to practice speaking and build your confidence.

The conversations include a transcription to help you learn vocabulary used in everyday speaking and to train your listening skills.


Real English Conversation Lessons

Every week, you will receive a new REC conversation lessons that are only available to REC members.  Get the full transcription and audio download to listen, study and learn from!


REC Member-Only Speaking Practice Group

Do a daily speaking challenge! Get feedback and corrections from an REC teacher for each audio you post.


Hello. My name is Artur, I’m from Brazil. I’m so grateful to Curtis and Amy for the excellent job that they have been doing. Especially the podcasts. They are extremely useful for learning English. I’ve been improving my listening and my speaking skills since I started this course. I can speak in English all day because there are many people to practice with from different places all around the world in the WhatsApp group. I think it’s fantastic!




Hello. I’m from Russia. I have improved my speaking fluency and I have improved my vocaublary ’cause now I use a lot more phrasal verbs and the words people use everyday… Not the phrases from the books!


from Russia living in the USA