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Accelerate Your Learning with Deliberate Practice!


Have you ever felt stuck or frustrated that you are making SLOW progress with your English? 

If you said “YES!”, you are not alone.

For most of my students, English is the first language they have learned as an adult.

… And, it is difficult to figure out the BEST ways to be practicing to reach a high-level of English fluency.


In this 4-part lesson pack, you will:

Dare to dream and set BIG goals for your English.

… I have some inspirational stories from two everyday people ― just like you ― who had major breakthroughs with their English. If they can do it, so can you!


Learn the critical mistake the almost ALL students make that causes SLOW progress.

… And how you can easily change your practice activities to accelerate your progress immediately (Lesson 1). 


Learn how to get specific with your goals to make it easier to identify the BEST activities you can do to reach your goals.

… And avoid the mistake I made that cost me 14 YEARS of being stuck at the same level.


Discover how to 3x your learning speed by using something called Deliberate Practice.

To make your learning, easier, faster, and more exciting as you reach your goals quickly! 


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Start Here: Get Inspired & Dream Big!

Reach new levels and set bigger goals than you ever though possible.

Deliberate Practice 1

Lesson 1: Naive Practice vs. Purposeful Practice

Accelerate Your Learning by Practicing with a Purpose! Find out WHY your learning has been so slow or you’ve been making no progress at all. You will find out exactly how to change this HERE!

Deliberate Practice 2

Lesson 2: Purposeful Practice

Have you ever felt unsure if the type of activities you are doing are really the helping you? In this lesson you will learn how to get more specific and clearly see WHAT you need to be practicing.

Deliberate Practice 3

Lesson 3: Deliberate Practice

Take Purposeful Practice to the next level to create RAPID learning. Here, I’ll explain what Deliberate Practice is so you can get on the fast-track to fluency!

Student Success Stories Website

Lesson 4: Real-Life Results 

Hear about 2 students where were stuck for YEARS with problems related to speaking and confidence. And how once they applied Deliberate Practice… They had life-changing results!

Meet Teacher Curtis

Whether you need to improve your speaking fluency, sharpen your listening skills, or build your confidence, Curtis can help you see results within your first few lessons. Curtis' speciality is helping students with pronunciation and to sound more natural when they speak in English.


Expert in Speaking Fluency


A Proven System for Building Confidence


Listening Skill Development


English for Professionals

Job interviews, presentations, customer service, sales, participating in meetings

Schedule Your Trial Lesson with Curtis!

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I felt confident, focused and present in the job interview which allowed me to get my dream job as a business consultant. Thanks for the excellent preparation! I couldn't have done it without your help!

Eli Santos - Business Consultant
Living in Canada (from Brazil)

For years, I was terrified to speak English. After only a few lessons, I started to feel more confident and felt free to speak my thoughts. Now, I can finally speak without fear and I feel like myself in English!

Amara - University Student
Living in the USA (from Puerto Rico)

I could not understand native speaker clients for my job and it was embarrassing. My teacher helped me to improve my listening very quickly. Now I feel confident to speak up in meetings and make phone calls.

Lili - Accountant
From Hong Kong

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I join the lesson?

We use a video calling platform like Zoom or Skype. Once you schedule your lessons, you will receive an email with instructions to connect with your teacher. 

Are the teachers available in my time zone?

Our teachers are located in different time zones around the world with a wide range of lesson times. There are suitable times for students from Asia, Europe, North and South America.

To see the teacher's availability, just click the 'book a lesson' button, set your time zone, and click on the different dates to see the times available.

Note: Our teachers have many students that book with them. Be sure to check the calendar for 1-2 weeks in the future to have a better idea of their availability in your time zone.

Are the Teachers native speakers?

Yes, all of our teachers are native English speakers that are experienced with teaching adult learners that want to improve their speaking fluency, listening skills and sound more natural when they speak. 

How do I schedule a trial lesson?
Watch this video for step-by-step instructions:

What can I expect in the lesson?

First Lesson (Trial Lesson):

Start of the lesson: You will explain your goals and learning challenges. At the same time, your teacher will evaluate your communication abilities.

Next the teacher will choose a small activity that is perfect for your level and focuses on the skills you want to improve.

Lastly, the teacher will talk to you about their recommendations to continue learning and how they plan to help you in your personalized course.