Deliberate Practice Part 1

Naive Practice vs. Purposeful Practice

At some point, every student gets stuck at a level of English where they are seeing very little progress, and sometimes, no progress at all. If this is happening to you, it might be because you are doing something called Naive Practice which is a very general way of ‘practicing’ or learning English.

To get better results from the time you spend on your English, you can start practicing with a specific purpose. In this episode, I’ll explain more about these two types of practice and how to practice with purpose to get better results for each hour you spend on your English.

Podcast Downloads:

MP3 Audio Download  |  PDF Transcription

Deliberate Practice Worksheet (Your Strategy & Study Plan)

This worksheet will be used for the activities from part 1 & 2 of the podcast

Use this worksheet to apply the advice from this podcast series to create clear goals and an action plan. This worksheet will help you to think about how you are practicing and also, think about better, more specific ways to practice.

Pedro’s Example Worksheet:

See the activity recommendations given to Pedro to solve his listening problem by his expert teacher.

Pedros Listening Strategy

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