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Speak Fearlessly in English

How to Quickly Gain Confidence & Speak English Fearlessly

Have you ever felt nervous when you had to speak in English? 

If you said “YES!”, you are not alone.

Feeling confident to speak English is a struggle that most learners have.

But it can be difficult to know HOW to build confidence and where to start.

… Should you improve your speaking to gain confidence? 

… But how can you improve your speaking if you are terrified to speak?


In this 4-part lesson pack, you will:

Understand the broken connection between listening to English and speaking it

… This is the reason why you can’t USE all the words you can understand when you are listening.


How to break the cycle of fear and disappointment you feel every time you speak in English.

… And what to do when your fear is affecting decisions and opportunities. 


How to quickly rebuild your confidence and feel great even if your speaking isn’t perfect!

… And avoid years of feeling uncomfortable and frustrated.


Lesson 1 Broken Connection Listening to Speaking

Start Here: Lesson 1

Are you trying to improve your speaking by listening to podcasts, watching Netflix series, and other audio? Learn about the important step you are probably not doing which is slowing down your progress!

Activity 1 Listening to Speaking Challenge

Activity: Listening to Speaking Challenge

Learn how to start using the words you can understand in your speaking. This activity will show you the missing connection and show you an excellent activity to improve your speaking confidence and fluency!

Lesson 2 When Low Confidence Take Control

Lesson 2

Does the idea of knowing you will have to speak in English make you feel nervous? Find out WHY you feel this way, how this is hurting you more than you realize, and of course, how to break this cycle!

Lesson 3 Speak without Fear

Lesson 3

Now that you understand HOW to improve your speaking and WHY you feel nervous (lesson 1, 2 & 3), it’s time to learn the simple but critical step you can take to start speaking English without fear even if you still make mistakes!

Are you ready to speak with better fluency, understand fast English, and to feel CONFIDENT speaking in English?

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