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english audio about immigrating to Mexico

In this English audio podcast episode, Amy and Curtis share their experience of what it’s like immigrating to and living in Mexico. They will share the top reasons why they have chosen Mexico as their home while they discuss the people, the amazing landscapes, and geographic diversity, as well as Mexican food!


Conversation Audio about Immigrating & Living in Mexico 


English Audio Podcast Transcription:

Curtis:  Hi everybody, it’s Curtis and Amy, and we are going to have a very interesting conversation today about living in another country. As some of you may know, Amy and myself are Canadian, but in 2016 we made the big move to live abroad in Mexico.

Amy:  Exactly. And we have another podcast episode called Moving to Another Country where we talked about what it was like to really prepare our house and change our lives from living in Canada to selling our house and everything we owned to be able to move to Mexico. So that’s a different podcast episode and you can definitely check that one out.

Curtis:  So, Amy, we get asked this question all the time about living here in another country and the question is, “Why do you guys want to live in Mexico?”

Amy:  And it’s said with a little bit of a confused tone or they don’t really understand why. And I can’t blame them because internationally a lot of the news that reaches other countries around the world is related to, I don’t know, we’ve got drug cartels, violence, there’s poverty here and different issues like this. And these issues aren’t really issues that aren’t present in many other countries around the world, but in particular, Mexico, unfortunately, has a bad reputation for these types of things. But we want to explain today some of the wonderful things that this country has to offer and why we’ve chosen to make this our home and not just for a couple of years. Like, we love Mexico. We consider ourselves as Mexicans right now, not obviously by nationality but we really love the culture and want to stay here.

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