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In this English conversation podcast about driving, we tell you all about our experiences in Canada. You will hear us talk about our experiences behind the wheel of a car and about everything from what you have to do to get your driver’s license to following the rules of the road if you don’t want a ticket from the police.



Amy:  It took me time. It was–I mean, it takes a long time when you’re learning how to drive initially. There’s a lot of things1 that are happening all at the same time and it’s difficult to process all of that information. It takes practice before you start being able to observe things confidently and feel comfortable. So, yeah, I definitely was nervous when I took my test.

Curtis: So after you go through all the exams and you reach that exciting point of getting your official license. What does it feel like when you’re on the road for the first time? Is it exciting? Were you excited?

Amy:  I think I was excited that I had passed the test and that I didn’t have to worry about any of these extra rules that, you know, might affect me not being–we call it a class 5 driver, that’s like a normal driver’s license. So I think for me that’s more what it was about. But driving and being able to have a car sure gives you a lot of freedom. Especially – especially the city that we were living in. Like what’s the bus system like? Is it good?

Curtis: No, it’s not very good. It’s …

Amy:  Like it’s okay. You know, it’s safe. Everything, you know, the bus routes go all over the city and they arrive at a certain time at the bus stops. But the …

Curtis: But the timing and the schedules. It’s not very good.

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Getting a driver’s license and having the freedom to go where you want, when you want is an exciting time. But first, you need to get your license. Hear about what it’s like to get a driver’s license in Canada for the first time and also some of the rules of the road in this English podcast lesson.

We also discuss some of the funny situations that have happened to us on the road, tickets that we got from the police, and other things you should never do while you are driving!

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