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English Idioms and Expressions, funny phrases parents say to kids. In this English podcast, Amy & Curtis share the expressions they have heard their parents say to them while they were growing up. Here is a free list of more of these types of English idioms and expressions.



Curtis:  Hi, everybody. It’s Curtis and Amy here from, and today we have a very interesting and entertaining podcast about the things that our parents used to say to us when we were growing up.

Amy:  Exactly. And actually, what I did was I created a post on Facebook and I asked all of my friends that are currently parents right now, what expressions they’re using or things that they are always saying to their kids or things that they heard when they were growing up. So we have a pretty cool list for you. We’re not going to be able to get through everything but Curtis and I have both picked five that we heard all the time, and we’re going to teach you what they mean and when they’re used so that all of the parents that are listening right now are able to use this with their kids as well.

Curtis:  So the first one that I heard as a kid growing up all the time was money doesn’t grow on trees, and when you’re a kid, you always kind of want to go to the candy store or buy toys, you want money for something.

Amy:  Whenever you’re at the store, there’s always something that you’re asking your mom and dad to buy for you, “Can I have this? Can I have that?”

Curtis:  Kids don’t have that – that idea about money.

Amy:  Yeah, they don’t realize your mom has to work, your dad has to work. Money isn’t endless.

Curtis:  So when you go up to your mom and dad and you say, “Hey, can I have $20?” for a video game, for instance. I used to buy Nintendo video games all the time and I’d want the newest one and the latest one.

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English Idioms and Expressions Podcast


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