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In this English phrasal verb course, we share the meaning of the English phrasal verb ‘Get Over’ which actually has 2 meanings. This is how to use it when you have had to stop loving someone that you have been in a relationship with that has ended. The examples we have created for you are here so you can get a better understanding of how English speakers would use it correctly.




Phrasal Verb: Get Over

by Real English Conversations | Phrasal Verb Course

English Phrasal Verb Course: Get Over #2

Alternative Meaning: To stop loving someone you had a relationship with that has ended

Example 1:

  • It was difficult to get over his ex-girlfriend because they were together for more than 4 years.
  • It was difficult to stop constantly thinking of his ex-girlfriend and how much he missed her because they were together more than 4 years.

Example 2:

  • Getting over the death of his mother took a few months because of their close relationship.
  • Continuing life normally after the death of his mother took a few months because of their close relationship.


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