English Phrasal Verb TAKE BACK

Today we are going to have some fun talking about the English phrasal verb TAKE BACK. We can use take back in many different ways and in this lesson, we will show you how native speakers use it when they want to return something or to have possession of something again. Here are a couple of examples that are going to help you understand it perfectly!



Phrasal Verb: Take Back 2

by Real English Conversations | Phrasal Verb Course

Phrasal Verbs Lesson 124: Take Back #2

Alternative Meaning:  To return something or to take possession again

Example 1:

  • I’m going to take back a pair of jeans I bought because they don’t fit very well.
  • I’m going to return a pair of jeans I bought because they don’t fit very well.

Example 2:

  • He said he would take the cat back if it doesn’t adjust well in our home.
  • He said he would accept the return of the cat if it doesn’t adjust well in our home.


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