English Phrasal Verbs

The Phrasal Verb Course has 250 lessons to help you understand them easily. See what is in the course:

English Phrasal Verbs Podcast

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Popular Lessons from the English Phrasal Verb Podcast

English Phrasal Verbs Course

Phrasal Verb Lesson: Go Over

Go over has a more than one meaning but in this lesson we explain how it can mean ‘how something is perceived’. View Lesson

English Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verb Story: Lessons 1-10

Hear each of the phrasal verbs that were used in lessons 1 to 10 in this phrasal verb story. Transcription with alternative meanings…View Lesson

English Phrasal Verbs Podcast

Phrasal Verb Lesson: Check In #2

Check in is a phrasal verb with multiple meanings but in this lesson it means ‘to update your status’. View Lesson

English Phrasal Verbs Podcast Mp3

Phrasal Verb Lesson: Hold Up #2

This is the second meaning of the English phrasal verb ‘hold up’ and this audio lesson shows you how you can use it to talk about a delay. View Lesson

English Phrasal Verbs Chicken Out Podcast

Phrasal Verb Lesson: Chicken Out

Chicken out is an expression that is also an English phrasal verb. Find out what it means in today’s audio lesson. View Lesson

English Phrasal Verbs in Context

Phrasal Verb Lesson: Belt Out

Do you think the words ‘belt’ and ‘out’ can be related? Find out how these two unrelated words make sense when used together. View Lesson

English Phrasal Verb Course Pass On

Phrasal Verb Lesson: Pass On #3

Pass on has 3 different meanings but in this English Phrasal Verb lesson, we talk about the one that means to inherit something. View Lesson

English Phrasal Verb Lesson Hand Over

Phrasal Verb Lesson: Hand Over

If someone tells you to hand over something… they aren’t talking about where your hands are. Find out what this English phrasal verb means here.  View Lesson

English Phrasal Verbs Podcast Mp3

Phrasal Verb Lesson: Take up

Learn how to use the English phrasal verb ‘take up’ and how it means you are starting a new hobby in this audio lesson. View Lesson

A 15 Minute English Conversation in Every Episode

English Phrasal Verbs Mp3

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Real English Conversations

English Phrasal Verb Course Ask For

Phrasal Verb Lesson: Ask for

You can ask for things, like a glass of water… but in this English phrasal verb lesson you will find out how you can use it instead of the word ‘provoke’. View Lesson

English Phrasal Verbs Podcast Mp3

Phrasal Verb: Cut Out

Find out how you can use the English phrasal verb ‘cut out’ to explain a power outage! View Lesson

English Phrasal Verbs Podcast from Real English Conversations

Learning English phrasal verbs can be challenging for anyone learning. Many times the Phrasal Verbs do not make sense when they are thought of as two separate words and they are very difficult to guess what they mean.

If learning English phrasal verbs through a list and memorization hasn’t worked for you, then you might like this audio course we have developed to help you understand the phrasal verbs used in context through examples and stories. You can listen to one English Phrasal Verb Podcast lesson a day or as many as you like. Download the audio and transcriptions to listen to or study at any time.

Each audio lesson explains:

  • What the phrasal verb means
  • An alternative way of expressing the same idea with a ‘non’ phrasal verb
  • 2 example sentences

After 10 English Phrasal Verb Lessons, there will be a story that uses the phrasal verbs in context. We recommend you use the story to learn the English phrasal verbs in context, in a natural way. The stories and all of the lessons are available to through our Phrasal Verb Course or the Premium Membership.