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In this English podcast Job Interviews, Amy and Greg talk about how to prepare you for a job interview. You will hear them talk about everything from making a good first impression, how not to feel nervous and what NOT to say or do in the actual job interview!

Both Amy and Greg are entrepreneurs that operate their own business and hire employees for their small company. This conversation lessons will give you a different perspective about how employers think and the real things they are looking for in an interview.

The topics we discuss are for job applicants that are learning English but they are great tips that can help you with all aspects of getting a job. From the application and resume, to the job interview itself, how to follow up and most importantly, how to stand out from the rest of the applicants.

It’s important to prepare your English skills BEFORE you get called for a job interview! If you need help preparing for an interview or you are in the process of trying to find a job where you will be required to speak English, now is the time to prepare!

Curtis Davies is one of our teachers and he helps students to prepare for working in English and helps them get past the interview.  Schedule a lesson with him here.


English Podcast Job Interviews with Greg & Amy



Amy:  Yeah. Or maybe setting up their laptop at least in their office or at their kitchen table as if you were coming to their house. I mean, I’m sure if the background is a mess and there’s stuff everywhere with bad lighting, that doesn’t help either.

Greg:  No, it doesn’t help. And if there’s people walking around behind them, you know, you would think that they would say, ‘Hey, I’ve got a really important interview, so please stay out of the room for the next hour.’ You know, it’s not hard to do if you are genuinely interested in the job.

Amy:   Exactly.

Greg:  So, I expect them to take it seriously and be professional. And there’s one winning thing for me really which is after the interview. And it’s a step that so many people forget. And this is just a simple thank you email after the interview. Just a simple email, thank you for your time, you know, if you need any further information, please just get in touch. I appreciate the opportunity. Just a simple email thanking the person. And it says so much about you, about the applicant. It shows that you’re good mannered, it shows—yeah. It really gives a great impression.

Amy:   Okay. So, I know for me as a person that is doing an interview, I always have a few questions that I really like to ask people because I think that they’re kind of difficult to answer or they show you a different characteristic about a person, whether it’s how they handle a situation or it gives you more information than what this harmless question seems to have. Do you have any questions like that that you like to ask people?

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