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In this English podcast about Mother Nature, we are talking about Mother Nature and some of the powerful things we have seen this year: earthquakes, hurricanes, flooding, and droughts. For the Real English Tip, we have some advice that is easy to apply and it can really help you to get motivated and start seeing progress with your English skills.


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English Podcast about Mother Nature

When we talk about ‘Mother Nature’ we are talking about powerful forces that are caused naturally by the earth. Some examples are volcanoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, snowstorms. Nature is very powerful compared to the structures we build to protect us! An earthquake can collapse a huge building in seconds or cause a massive wave (a tsunami). These

This conversation talks about some natural disasters we have seen during 2017 and some of the ways they have affected the people and communities where nature has caused devastating disasters that have caused many deaths as a result.

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