How to Speak English Fluently

Speak English with Confidence and Better Fluency!

Even though speaking alone sounds completely boring and a little weird, there are some serious benefits that you can only experience when you are trying to answer a question alone. While you are trying to answer the questions in these English Speaking Practice Videos, you will discover:

  1. You don’t have the pressure of another person waiting for you to speak
  2. You can look up words that you suddenly realize you don’t know
  3. When you recognize that you made a mistake, you can repeat it correctly
  4. You can repeat your answer until you feel confident with the structure


Try Interactive Speaking Practice Videos

We’ve rounded up 3 of our English speaking practice videos to help you improve your vocabulary, fluency and confidence.

You probably agree that it is difficult to practicing your English speaking as much as you want to, which is why it is really important to find activities that you can do anytime on your own without needing to depend on anybody!

Let’s try one of the videos right now starting with an easy question to answer:


English Speaking Practice Video #1:

Tell me about your home town

If you find that it is hard to start the speaking practice activity:

  • Think about what you want to say (even if it’s in your native language)
  • Write down a few words and notes on a piece of paper
  • Start by describing where you hometown is located
  • Look up words in a dictionary that you are missing
  • Describe the size and the landscape of the area
  • Mention something that you like about this place


How to Practice Speaking English with Videos

Here are a few tips to help you get the best results when you are practicing your speaking skills alone.

1. Try to speak English in a natural way

Imagine that you are explaining it in a relaxed way like you are answering a friend that asked you the question. In other words, try not to speak the same way that you write a sentence or you will sound like a robot.

2. Stop and look up words you don’t know

While you are doing the speaking practice, you will quickly discover that you are missing certain words from your vocabulary that you want to use in your answer. Look them up! This is your opportunity to learn and use the new word while you are answering the question from the video.

3. Repeat Your Answer 

One of the biggest benefits of speaking alone is that you don’t have to worry about annoying another person while you are thinking, correcting yourself or repeating your answer. I recommend practicing your answer 3 times or until you feel satisfied with your answer.

Each time you repeat the sentence, you are practicing a grammar structure, pronouncing words correctly, remembering new vocabulary. Most importantly, it helps you answer it more fluently. Repetition is probably the most important aspect of learning a language. Take advantage of this opportunity to practice your answer multiple times as you do the activities in the speaking practice video.


Video 2: Practice Speaking English

What are you currently studying?

How Long Should Your Answer Be?

This depends on your current level.

The truth is that an advanced speaker could take 3-5 minutes to explain this topic. Which means, they are providing a lot of detail and likely, telling a story.

Whereas, an intermediate speaker will probably explain a few sentences and speak for 1-2 minutes. At this level, it feels like your answers aren’t as good as you want them to be but, at least, you are able to explain something.

For beginners, the answers will be very basic. Short sentences with just a few words. It’s still very challenging to think about all the grammar rules to form a simple sentence. I suggest writing your answer first, then trying to learn to say your answer out loud without reading what you wrote.


English Speaking Practice Video #3

How to you get to and from work – Transportation to Work

Learn the Vocabulary You Need to Speak Fluently

As you can see, these simple questions probably made you realize that this is a great way to improve your vocabulary. In fact, trying to answer questions and explain things is one of the best ways to quickly identify words that you need to speak fluently.

This is one of the strategies that I teach students in our Online English Courses. It’s really important to practice explaining things in a natural way and recognize the vocabulary you don’t know or you aren’t sure how to use, then practice it!