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Listen to an conversation where we share three English stories about our most terrifying moments ever! Curtis and I thought this would be an entertaining conversation for everyone to hear about some of the things we have experienced in vivid detail to help you hear the art of story telling in English and to help you learn using stories in English.

Scary Moments: English Stories Audio



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Curtis:  What other scary moments have you had?

Amy:  Okay. I would say for me, my scariest moment that I ever had was actually a time that I was snowboarding. For those of you that don’t know, I am actually a very, very good snowboarder. I’ve been doing the sport for about – I don’t know how many years – maybe 15 years, but at least 12 years. At this point I was kind of at the top of my ability and what I was capable of doing.

So I was up snowboarding with one of my friends, not like a really, really good friend but somebody that I liked to go with, and he had an idea to go to this area of the hill that we like to go to because it’s just slightly out of bounds. But it’s not like so far out of bounds where you’re going to get lost. It’s like if you go in at the top of this area and you go down the hill, you come down to another area and you come back in-bounds to the resort again. And a lot of people do it. It should literally be in-bounds.

Curtis:  Slightly out of bound.

Amy:    Slightly … for a little section of the hill, but it literally should be in-bounds because of the shape of the mountain, it’s very easy to go through this area.

So, anyway, I was snowboarding and everything was fine. We found this fresh powder and, “Oh yeah, this is great.” I think it was our second time through this area. And what happened was I was making a turn and I fell, basically.

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