Doctor Visit in English

Listen to an everyday English conversation about going to the doctor, medical visits, and how we talk about being sick or injured in English. 


Everyday English Conversation about Doctor Visits in English:



Curtis:  Okay. For today’s conversation, we’re going to talk about things related to going to the doctor. So, getting sick or having an injury, right?

Amy:  Yeah, exactly. We have noticed that a lot of our students don’t really know how to explain how they’re feeling, maybe pain or different symptoms that they’re having in their body. So we thought that we could share some of our experiences that we’ve had, unfortunately, where we’ve either been sick or hurt ourselves and what it was like, what was happening to us. So, Curtis, for you I think we’re gonna start backwards and maybe moving our way forward in time.

Curtis:  Okay.

Amy:  And one of the first stories that you were gonna talk about was related to something that happened to you in high school, right?

Curtis:  Yeah. It was back in high school. Actually, I was in a marching band and I played the bass drum, and we actually competed against other marching bands. So we went on tour through the United States and we won this competition one night. And then after the competition we went back to the high school gymnasium that we were staying in, and around these high schools are stairways or staircases.

Amy:  Like the bleachers, right?

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