Real English Conversation

Everyday English Phrasal Verbs

Hear and learn 2 everyday English phrasal verbs that are used ALL THE TIME:

Phrasal Verb 1: Sit Around – to spend time in a place relaxing or having very little to do

  • This weekend my girlfriend and I just sat around and watched movies.
  • Why are you sitting around all the time? Don’t you ever want to do anything?

Phrasal Verb 2: Come Up With – to think of an idea or solution

  • John came up with an excellent idea in the company meeting.
  • I can’t come up with anything… We will have to do some more research to find a solution.


Everyday English Includes Phrasal Verbs

Sound more natural when you communicate in English by using phrasal verbs that are used in everyday English speaking. Each phrasal verb lesson is based on an English conversation recorded by native speakers. By using the conversation, you can easily learn the phrasal verb’s meaning in context and think of other situations where it might be used.

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