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Fall Out #2 English Phrasal VerbLearn the meaning of English phrasal verb: Fall Out. This phrasal verb has 2 different meanings but this lesson focuses on a problem in a relationship, a fight or a quarrel.


Listen to the audio here:

Phrasal Verb Lesson 244: Fall Out #2

Here are the examples that were used in the audio. Below, you will find 2 additional examples to help you understand how to use this phrasal verb in context.

Alternative meaning:  To fight, quarrel or have a problem in a relationship

Example 1:

  • The kids have fallen out and are no longer speaking to one another.
  • The kids had a fight and are no longer speaking to one another.

Example 2:

  • I never want to fall out with you because we are best friends.
  • I never want to have a fight with you and never speak again because we are best friends.

Additional Examples where this phrasal verb is used as a noun:

  • My mom had a falling out with her step-sister and they can’t be together in the same room anymore.
  • When I found out my friend was saying bad things about me, I confronted her and we had a falling out.


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