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Learn Phrasal Verbs with Stories

One of the keys to easily learning phrasal verbs is to learn them in context.

We believe that using a crazy English story that leaves an impression in your mind is the best way to help you remember exactly how to use the new phrasal verbs you have learned in the correct way.

In this lesson, you will learn 10 new phrasal verbs (with audio lessons) and get to see how they are used in a story.

Before we get into the activity, let’s quickly review what these verbs are and how they are made up!  (← made up = created)

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What are Phrasal Verbs?

Phrasal verbs are widely used in the English language.

They are an idiomatic phrase containing a verb and another element, usually either an adverb, as in break up, or a preposition, for example look for, or a combination of both, in the case of look down on. Basically, these verbs are a combination of standard verb + one or two particles.

You are probably already using some of the most common ones such as wake up, turn off, or stand up.

The English language is simple yet complex. You will notice that native speakers use simple words that are easy to learn and understand when you look at the words individually; however, these ‘easy words’ are often part of a phrasal verb which completely changes the meaning of the idea being expressed in the sentence.

Once you start learning and confidently using the most common phrasal words in conversation, they can be one the most exciting parts of the language. It can be a challenge in the beginning, but with practice, you will be able to use them proficiently!


Importance of Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal verbs are a crucial part of the English Language. Avoiding them will slow down (reduce the speed of) your progress and hold back (restrict, stop) your fluency.

More Natural in Spoken English

If you’re aspiring to learn in-depth English, the fact is that spoken English is actually full of phrasal verbs. Seeing how your goal is to efficiently use and understand this language as a mode of communication. There is no doubt that formal words such as ‘to dismantle’ sound great while interacting in a business meeting, but using their phrasal verb version – ‘to take apart’ is so much easier, more common, and sounds natural when talking with people around you in an everyday situation.

Increase Your Vocabulary Faster 

Due to the fact that phrasal verbs are created from words that you already know very well, it is much easier to connect a new meaning to a series of words rather than learning (and memorizing) new vocabulary.

A single phrasal verbs can be a perfect substitute to help your sentences flow easily and replace a long explanation with just a few simple words. This helps you to replace long sentences, and improves your interactions.

Additionally, using these special words will make your speech sound more like that of a native English speaker.

For example: “You can end up being broke if you do not find a job.” This is more easy-going and native, rather than “Your risk of eventually becoming broke is high if you do not find a job.”

A Must for Fluent English

Being fluent while speaking in English requires you to automatically understand and to be able to use various structures, words, and expressions.  No matter how you look at it, phrasal verbs are an essential part of the language and something that you need to master to have a solid command on the language, especially when interacting with people.

Learn Faster with Stories In Context

Let us show you a fun way to master these simple verbs phrases in a fun way.

First, you will learn the meaning using audio lessons with examples, then afterwards, you will see them being used in an entertaining phrasal verb story to add another layer of understanding through context.


Phrasal Verb Audio Lessons 1 to 10


Phrasal Verb Audio Lesson 1: Act Up #1

Read the examples from this lesson by downloading the PDFClick Here to Get it!


Phrasal Verb Lesson 2: Act Up #2


Phrasal Verb Lesson 3: Think Over


Phrasal Verb Lesson 4: Take Off #1


Phrasal Verb Lesson 5: Take Off #2

Phrasal Verbs Story 

Now that you have studied the lessons related to this story with phrasal verbs, it is time to challenge your understanding of English Phrasal Verbs by hearing them used in context with one of our interesting phrasal verb stories.

Don’t worry, our transcription has the phrasal verb being used with the meaning marked beside it so you don’t get confused with the phrasal verbs that have multiple meanings 🙂

Phrasal Verb Story: Lessons 1-10

by Real English Conversations | Phrasal Verb Course

Story Transcript: 

Last year we decided to take 6 weeks off (time away from work) of work so we could travel to Ecuador. After 3 flights we had finally arrived in Ecuador but had to stay in a hotel overnight. In the morning we had to take off (leave) from our hotel at 9 AM so that we had enough time to go through security and get our tickets before our plane took off (left the ground) at noon to reach our final destination on the coast.

Once we were in the air, high above the mountains, the plane started to make a strange noise. It sounded like one of the engines was acting up (having a technical problem). We were hoping nothing as going to go wrong but I was definitely thinking that the mechanics should track down (find) the source of the noise; because the entire flight I was thinking over (think about) all of the horrible things that might happen if there was a problem with the engine of the airplane.

About halfway through the flight, I decided to take off (remove) my jacket and use it as a pillow against the side of the airplane because I was feeling run down (low on energy) after so much time traveling. Just as I was about to fall asleep, a little girl started to act up (misbehave) and was crying. Although I’m complaining about the flight and the plane, I’m not trying to run down (talking badly) the airline. The staff were really friendly and after all, we did arrive safely to our destination.

The English Phrasal Verb Course

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