conversation about snowboarding

My interview guest Moreno is back in for part 2 of this interview for fun advanced English conversation about snowboarding, hockey, and other Canadian culture. Snowsport enthusiasts will love this discussion!

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Fun Advanced English Conversation about Snowboarding:



Amy: The way that we actually met is through a mutual passion that we have for snowboarding. I remember when I met you, I was absolutely crazy for the sport and I was really, really excited to hang out and have an opportunity to snowboard with you. I know, in my opinion, I think that you are quite an athlete, very talented, and the things that you do are great. And you actually inspired me to become a much better snowboarder. If you remember, you introduced me to snowboarding in trees and much more extreme snowboarding.

Moreno:  I do remember. A lot of fun, a lot of fun.

Amy:  And I was a complete chicken but you helped me to get over that.

Moreno:  Well, that’s what friends are for. You needed a little push, a little guidance, right?

Amy:  That’s right. You know, learning from somebody who is very good at it was a big inspiration. So, how did you get into snowboarding?

Moreno:  Well, I probably started when I was like five years old and I stole my brother’s skateboard, and I didn’t give it back to him.

Amy:  Okay.

Moreno:  So I kept it from him and started skateboarding just as a regular kid. And I used to ski with my family in the ‘80s at a small ski hill outside of Ottawa.

Amy:  I guess skiing was the thing at that time.

Moreno:  Yeah, it sure was. It still is. Skiing is never going to disappear. Skiing is always going to be popular, but it was mainly just skiing. I guess when I was around 14 when snowboarding slowly became more popular. I guess it was early ‘90s maybe. Snowboarding was getting more popular but also a little cheaper to buy the gear and things like that. I finally bought a new snowboard. It was the surf style, the skateboarding style. It was the sideways, surf style that really was familiar with my skateboarding, and I thought it was cool. It was a cool thing. It was, like I said, lay back surf style was what I was looking for and that’s how I started.

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